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  • Michael Tucker
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    Hi Rob Stack,

    Maybe I'm missing something fundamental, but is it possible to simply clone the default Zendesk Support dashboard then in one place limit all data in all tabs to an additional filter, for example ticket group? The idea is to provide an exact clone of the default dashboard, but limited to, for example, the Billing team's activity. Would I have to make clones of every query involved to accomplish this or is there an easier way. Thanks!

  • Rob Stack
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    Hi Michael Tucker

    You might be able to use dashboard level filters to accomplish what you want. This article is good as a starting point -

    Hope this helps.


  • William Chase Myer
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    This may be a simple oversight, but does explore offer any adaptive display options for the dashboards? I work from a laptop and and have to manually resize the dashboard when I plug in and out of my external display as the queries featured run off the edges of the screen. 

    This causes some complications when trying to show data to business partners when I do not have the luxury of docking my laptop into a larger monitor. Is this feature something being considered if not already published? 




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