Cloning Explore dashboards

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  • Emersson Chinchilla
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    Hi Rob,

    I have cloned the support report, and I set some filters in that new report, but everytime that I get out of the report to go to another report, and I come back to the cloned report, the filters that I previously selected dissapears. I need that those filters stay permanent.... how I do that?


  • Jessica Blake
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    Hi Emersson, 

    Not sure what the problem is there! Let's take this into a ticket and have a closer look. Keep an eye on your inbox for an email from me. 

  • Joe Sibley
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    Is there an easy way to clone a dashboard, edit it to show only one person's stats, then share it with them, and that's the only data they can see?  While I see lots of filtering capabilities, I'm not sure how to prevent agents from seeing other agents stats.

    Then to take it further, could I do the same for a manager and their team?

  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for your questions! This is possible but will take a bit of work. You would need to make a dashboard for each agent/team and then filter/bookmark the results to only show the agent/team result. 

    Once you have created each dashboard you can schedule those to be sent to each agent/team. The following article should provide a bit more detail:

    Hope this helps!

  • Shannon Moran
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    Is there a way to resurrect a deleted prebuilt dashboard? Someone inadvertently deleted the Guide dashboard... 

  • Shera Esquivel
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    Hello Shannon,

    Thanks for reaching out to Zendesk. I hope your day has been treating you well. Let's see what we can do to shed some light on this dashboard recovery situation. I was digging through our Explore and our API documentation and it appears as though there is no way to recover a deleted dashboard within Explore.

    I also believe that this functionality would be a welcome addition to Explore, but I'm not sure about the feasibility. I have marked this ticket for product feedback and hopefully, we can get some traction from our product team! It might also be worth posting on our Community forums which are located here.

    Hopefully this information helps, but if you have question please let us know.



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