Cloning pre-built and shared dashboards

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  • Emersson Chinchilla

    Hi Rob,

    I have cloned the support report, and I set some filters in that new report, but everytime that I get out of the report to go to another report, and I come back to the cloned report, the filters that I previously selected dissapears. I need that those filters stay permanent.... how I do that?


  • Jessica Blake

    Hi Emersson, 

    Not sure what the problem is there! Let's take this into a ticket and have a closer look. Keep an eye on your inbox for an email from me. 

  • Joe Sibley

    Is there an easy way to clone a dashboard, edit it to show only one person's stats, then share it with them, and that's the only data they can see?  While I see lots of filtering capabilities, I'm not sure how to prevent agents from seeing other agents stats.

    Then to take it further, could I do the same for a manager and their team?

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for your questions! This is possible but will take a bit of work. You would need to make a dashboard for each agent/team and then filter/bookmark the results to only show the agent/team result. 

    Once you have created each dashboard you can schedule those to be sent to each agent/team. The following article should provide a bit more detail:

    Hope this helps!


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