Sharing chats with other agents in the Zendesk Agent Workspace

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  • Антон Минцев

    That's quite a big deal:

    Agents who view the chat in the agent workspace cannot take over the chat, end the chat, or reassign the ticket.

    It's a pity that chat supervisors can't intervene, e.g., if there is a bot that currently owns the chat and we see the conversation is not going in the right direction.
    You can't kick the bot out of the conversation and save the chat manually. Customers used to do it from time to time. 

  • Oliver Cyples

    This would be a really useful feature for us as well. We currently have bots as the initial contact across all of our sites.

    At the moment the bots are currently in their infancy so having the ability to take over Chats would be ideal.


  • James Green

    I agree with Антон Минцев on this. I'm on this page because I'm currently watching a chat that's trainwrecking and I can't do anything to stop it besides ask them to send it to me via internal note.

  • Khajik Khajadourian

    This is a cool feature, but we still need the ability to warm transfer chats in Agent Workspace. 


    When Agent Workspace was first promoted, we took advantage of it but quickly discovered the ability for an agent to chat directly with another agent was no longer available.  For example, an agent is on a call with a customer, but needs to consult a peer agent on a solution. In the past, the agent could chat directly with another agent and accomplish this. With Agent Workspace, the ability to do that disappeared.  Has this stumbling block been corrected?


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