Importing leads, contacts, and deals using a CSV file

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  • Zak Wilkowski

    How do I import Deals with different currencies? 

  • Katie Dougherty
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Zak Wilkowski,

    When importing a CSV file with a column of Deal Names and Deal Values, the currency of all those Deals will default to the account currency.

    Your account currency is set in your Settings > Manage > Account > Account Currency. Once you import/add Deals to your account, you can always change the currency for that specific Deal or use Sell's API to update the currencies. 

    Additionally, you can separate your CSV file into separate files of Deals with different currencies. Then, complete separate imports (and change the account currency between imports) so that you can import different currencies in bulk! Changing your account currency does not impact existing Deals, only future Deals added to the account. 

    I will be sure to pass this feedback to our Product Team that you are looking to import Deals with different currencies! If any other accounts share this functionality, please upvote Zak's post above :) 


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