Understanding and using the prospect and customer statuses

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  • Sebastian Hernandez

    Is there any way to automatically inherit the company customer and prospect status into all employees of that company?

  • Katie Dougherty
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Sebastian Hernandez,

    At this time, only the Company or Person that is associated with a Deal will have their customer/prospect status automatically updated. Please feel free to post this product feedback in the Feedback section of the Sell Community so other users can upvote your suggestion and our Product Team can review it! 

    My understanding of your workflow is that you add a Company as the primary contact on a Deal, and then as that Deal moves to "won" the Company's customer/prospect status update automatically! If you have employees at that Company who's customer/prospect status should also update as the Deal progresses, add them as Associated Contacts to the Deal! 


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