Why did my subscription change not go into effect immediately?

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  • Markus Fieber

    This is completely irritating and frustrating. You submit a ticket because the standard process is out of the question and the answer is the help page for the standard process and finally "contact customer service".

    Then you don't need a customer service department that ultimately writes nothing else but "contact customer service".

  • Elissa
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Markus Fieber

    I'm sorry for any frustration! I was able to find the ticket you submitted looking for help making an immediate change to your subscription. Everything looks good and it has been routed to the correct team, so you should be hearing back from an agent soon who will help you get that change implemented and everything sorted out!

    I hope in the meantime that this article helped you understand a bit of context around which subscription changes aren't possible to make immediately by your self and which situations we can jump in and help expedite on the back end.

    Please let me know if anything doesn't make sense, and look out for an email from one of our agents soon! 


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