How do I manually create anchor links in articles?

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  • Abdul Khader

    Currently this way of approach not jump into respective section. Any solutions ?

  • Chris H
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hello Abdul,

    Does the link not appear when you create it this way? Do you have an example of the line of code you are using for this link that we can review?

    I look forward to assisting on this!


    Chris H
    Technical Support Architect

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  • Rachel Gerard

    Hi there,

    Is it possible to create an anchor tag on the Help Center homepage? For example, if they click a link at the top of the Help Center, it brings them all the way down to where our Knowledge Base is?


  • Amy Gracer
    Community Moderator

    Yes, if I understand what you are looking to do. 

    Here is a snippet from my test homepage. The bold "Link" href jumps to the named H1. 

     <section class="section knowledge-base">
         <section class="categories blocks">
              <section class="container">

                      <ul class="blocks-list">
                           <p><a href="#link">Link</a></p>
                            <li class="blocks-item custom"> . . . </li>

                            <li class="blocks-item custom"> . . . </li>


                       <h1><a name="link">Link</a></h1>

  • Dawn Phelps

    Is it possible to anchor link to a heading that isn't H1? For our Style Guide, we prefer headings to be H3 and would find great value in anchor linking - but right now the only way I can get anchor linking to work is if I use H1 for my headers.

  • Giuseppe
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Dawn,

    By clicking the Anchor button and choosing Heading, you should be able to choose from the headings in your article, regardless if they're H1 or not:




  • Dawn Phelps

    Thanks Giuseppe! For some reason I wasn't seeing that earlier, but now I do. 


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