Changing the owner of a lead or contact

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  • Jay Clementson


    I am coming across an issue with assigning the contacts in bulk to my team. My issue is, I am able to assign the company or the contact to a new owner in bulk but is there a way if I change the ownership of a company that all of the employees can also be updated to the new owner? 

    Since I am working with thousands of contacts I would like to know a workaround if that is not possible. 

  • Austine Hipol

    Hi Jay, unfortunately, you would need to manually do this change as it won't automatically change the employees' owner even if you change the ownership of a company. I would definitely suggest voicing this as a feature request on our uservoice page so others who may be looking for this added functionality can upvote your request. Our Product Team takes into consideration posts/upvotes on this page when designing the product roadmap, I've linked both of these below:


  • Katie O'Connor

    It would be helpful to be able to reassign tasks/companies/contacts simultaneously so leads don't fall through the cracks.

    It would also be helpful for Sales reps to be able to have "Away" settings– for example if a rep is on vacation it would be great to select an option to have all their leads automatically re-directed to another team member for a pre-determined amount of time, perhaps with the approval of the account manager... 


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