Fine Tuning: Agent Productivity

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  • Kristel


    I'm wondering what the best way is to measure Agent Productivity. We want to know how many tickets an agent handIed per hour and the Average Handling Time per ticket/agent.

    I created metrics for Ticket Handling Time and Update Handling time. Right now i use the AVG Ticket Handling Time to monitor the daily performance.  I notice that the Ticket Handling Time increases in time. I also see almost 2 minutes of difference between Ticket Handling and Update Handling time. Please advise, thanks!


  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Kristel –
    One suggestion I'd have is to be cautious about using Average Handle Time -- it's a very common metric in the industry, but it's vulnerable to outliers. For example, if most of your ticket have an handle time of fifteen minutes, but one ticket gets lots in the shuffle and ends up sitting around for six months (an extreme example, hopefully), your average is going to be much higher than you might expect. For that reason, I generally recommend using Median Handle Time instead, since that's going to tell you the handle time that 50% of tickets will be better than and 50% worse than. 
    There's some more useful tips in this article: What is average handle time? Calculate it with caution.
    If you need help understanding the results of the two metrics you're using, can you reply and list how you're defining the metrics? Thanks!
  • Kristel

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your reply and apologies for my late response. 

    How can i adjust my metrics to make a Median Handle Time? I created a standard calculated metric for Ticket Handling Time:
    VALUE(Total time spent (sec))/60

    And Update Handling time:
    IF ([Changes - Field name] = "Total time spent (sec)") 
    IF ([Changes - Previous value]=NULL)
    THEN NUMBER([Changes - New value])/60
    ELIF (REGEXP_MATCH([Changes - New value], "[0-9]+") AND REGEXP_MATCH([Changes - Previous value], "[0-9]+"))
    THEN(NUMBER([Changes - New value])-NUMBER([Changes - Previous value]))/60



  • Kristel

    Hi Dave, in the meantime i found how to change the metric to median. Thanks for the suggestion.

    I have one more question. 

    Which attribute is best to use regarding time? Is that Ticket Update, Ticket Solved or Ticket last updated?

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Kristel,
    It will entirely depend on how what metrics you are currently using. If you are extracting solved tickets, it will be best to used Ticket Solved - Date. But based on the formula you are currently using, it can also help if you use Ticket Assigned - Date instead.

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