How do I use the Twilio network test to troubleshoot Talk agent calls?

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  • Florian

    Does the description for G - Jitter really mean the result should not be more than 20ms?

    My result on Twilio Network Test is way far away:

    Also the result in the articles screenshot is way more than 20ms.

    What needs to be done to reduce the Jitter value?

  • Jean-Francois Weston
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Florian, to improve the situation, when you have a high Jitter, you could, if you are connected in Wi-Fi change to an Ethernet cable connection as well as verify that the setting of your network are done according to this article Those two steps would be the first to take to improve the situation. Regards

    Jeff | Zendesk Advocate | EMEA

  • David

    Hey all.  Just want to clarify, the screenshot above  is not meant to be used as a benchmark.  It's just an illustration of what the test looks like and what to be aware of during the test.    As Jeff mentions above getting better results on your network connection has a wide variety of factors.  The best place to start is with our Talk troubleshooting guide below which has many suggestions like changing to a hard wired connection like Jeff mentioned. 


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