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    Mark Burrows

    Here's one...
    Call recording and voicemail can't be played.
    Please help.

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    Bob Novak

    Hi Mark - I see you also submitted a ticket, so thanks for reaching out! If you can provide an update in your ticket with ticket examples having this issue, that will help troubleshoot the problem. 

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    in the suggested troubleshooting link https://apprtc.appspot.com/, there is no right click available.  Also that tip is not clear.  Are you saying use a browser other than chrome?  Or test chrome at the appspot link? What if no sound comes out of the speakers?

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    Brian Beck

    Hey Todd,

    Happy to help with that! We're going to update that section. In the mean time, go to https://networktest.twilio.com/ and run the two tests on the Twilio Client screen, then click on the network tab and run those two tests. If those all check out fine and you're still having Talk issues, please submit a ticket to support@zendesk.com so that we can jump in and help get Talk working for you!

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    Mike Rappaport

    For one of my agents using chrome, the Call/Answer button doesn't do anything when clicked. No error message or anything, just unresponsive. It does work on firefox (though Chrome is our preferred browser). The odd thing is for some other agents using chrome the buttons do function correctly. Can't figure it out, not a firewall issue.

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    Hi Mike, 


    Have your agent try using Chrome in an incognito window. This usually is going to be a good indicator of a defect of your browser or if it is an issue related to caching issue or browser extension.


    If it is working in the Chrome incognito window, have your agent clear cache and cookies and try again on his tab. If this issue is still present, have this agent disable all extensions on the browser and try it again switching on extension after extension. This would allow you to see what extension would be conflicting with the Talk experience. If none of those works, there is a more drastic version of this solution which would be to reset your Chrome browser totally, this would factory reset the browser and get rid of anything impeding with Talk:  https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/3296214?hl=en 

    I hope this would help. If you are still having issues, please submit a ticket to support@zendesk.com and we can go through more troubleshooting steps together. 





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