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  • Zach Hanes

    The definition of "away" in this article is different from what is shown in-product, and is pretty confusing. 

    In the product it's defined as "Can't receive work, but work is added to the queue." That's very different from "Only Support tickets can be routed to the agent." I assume the version in the product is the correct one. Am I right about that?

  • Romona
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Zachary, 

    The difference between the typical Away status before in Agent Workspace before Unified Agent Status, only applied to Live Messaging/Chat conversations. And while in Away status, agents could only work on tickets they were previously assigned and or Help Center/ Web Form and Email tickets. But were no longer routed Live Messaging/Chat conversation tickets. And instead they are added to a Live conversation queue for Online agents to work from.

    The new Away status in Unified Agent Status applies to being Away in Messaging/Chat and Talk tickets. That leaves Email and Help Center/Web Form which can still be worked or routed because they do not require an immediate response. And those Live Messaging/Chat conversations will still be added to a queue for Online agents to work from. I hope that helps

  • Monica White

    I also find it confusing and it would be better served by some renaming. Examples that need work, but the idea: Online to Online - All channels and Away to Online - Support/Email tickets. 

  • Shaun Luong

    The article says:

    However, an agent's status is automatically set to offline or away when one of the following events is detected:

    Which one is it? Offline? Away? They're 2 different statuses. There are 3 scenarios, so which status applies to which scenario?

  • Tobias Hermanns



    would it be possible to set a manual reason?

    Like: "AdHoc" selection, then Agent need type in doing step?



  • Jacquelyn Brewer
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Shaun Luong Good point. There is an admin setting in the Routing configuration that enables them to choose whether the agent status is changed to offline or away. I've updated the article to clarify this.


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