Enabling idle timeout for unified agent statuses

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  • Julio Cesar


  • Ulises Soto

    I don't see this option yet under Omnichannel Routing, is this something that hasn't been rolled out for everyone?

  • Marine
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Ulises,
    All admins who have enabled Omnichannel Routing should be able to access the Idle Timeout settings. 
    I'm going to create a ticket for you with our Support so we can check that for you, if you're still unable to see this option in your account.
    You can expect an email shortly!
  • Mark Ganusevič


    Great feature. I'm wondering whether it works when a user is still using the browser but not on Zendesk tabs?

    E.g. Idle timeout = 10 minutes, I'm working inside the company tool in the browser for 20 minutes (Zendesk tab not visible), will I be set as Away?

  • Anne Ronalter
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Mark,

    currently, the user must remain on the tab Zendesk tab. 
  • Brighton

    I am using custom agent statuses and I have noticed when my agents use "lunch" for example, the idle timeout will change it from lunch to offline. Is there a way to apply idle timeout to JUST "available" statuses?

  • Morgan

    I second Brighton's request. We are seeing the same behavior and its really confusing for our agents to see someone at lunch and then suddenly they're now offline.

  • Stephen

    +1 on Brighton's request.

  • Stephen

    Hi Anne Ronalter,

    With regards to your response to Matt - what would happen if you had a scenario with an enterprising user who either has Zendesk open in a tab on a browser on a second screen, while using a different application on their primary monitor?

    If I understand correctly, the idle timeout will only occur if Zendesk is not interacted with for the configured period (i.e. Zendesk is open in a tab and mouse or keyboard interactions are utilised).

  • JR Lausin
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Robert,

    Regarding your concern Zendesk can only detect activity on its own tab and not the entire browser, so if you have Zendesk open in on tab and monitor but you're working on a different application on another tab in a different monitor Zendesk won't be able to detect the activity unless you're working on the actual Zendesk tab.


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