Data refresh intervals for Explore reporting

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  • Juli Hackenberger

    For the comment stating " If there are no queries or dashboards accessed in Explore for more than 30 days, the data refresh interval is automatically changed to weekly. When at least one query is accessed, the data refresh interval is restored to normal." What is defined as accessed in Explore? Does a query emailed out via a dashboard that is on a schedule count as accessing in Explore or does someone need to log into Explore at least once every 30 days?

  • Joyce
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hey Juli!
    Yes, Having a dashboard scheduled and sent also counts as accessed in Explore.
  • Kevin Vidales Buzo

    in explore there is an option to schedule an automatic refresh of the data to be sent to my organizational e-mail account, but it only allows me to send it in 30 minute intervals, how can I schedule it to be sent in 15 minute intervals?


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