Why did I receive a voicemail when Voicemail is disabled on my account?

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  • Casey

    Hi Zendesk - We received a voicemail in our queue today, but do not have Talk set-up nor enabled. We do not wish to receive calls/voicemail at this time. Any ideas?

  • Carl McDowell
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Casey,
    I've turned your question into a ticket since this will have some account specific info in my response.

    For anyone else who is curious this usually happens as new trials are given a US number for testing, with $1 trial credit, but you need to complete the onboarding to see the number you have. So while you are in a trial, you usually have an active number on the account, and sometimes robo dialers end up calling the number.

    Carl McDowell
    Timezone: Melbourne
    Technical Support Architect


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