Is there a difference in functionality between Talk trials and subscribed Talk plans?

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  • Everton

    How is the Talk trial 30 days if the Suite trials are 14 days? Is this article correct?

  • Juraj Jarmek

    Hello @...,

    Please note that is correct.

    The Talk Trial is 30 days while Suite trials are 14 days.

    So these would be the scenarios:

    1. If we take a Zendesk Suite trial, which has 14 days, the whole Suite would have an expiration date of 14 days, including the Zendesk Talk product, which is dependent on Zendesk Support.

    2. But if we had an already existing Zendesk Support account, and we would like to try out Zendesk Talk additionally, on top of Zendesk Support, the trial would have 30 days to expire.

    Hope that answers the question.


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