How can I tell if Zendesk is sending email notifications to customers?

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  • Terry Page

    I set up a new brand in zendesk and forgot to add the outbound trigger to it. Is there any way to automatically resend any emails sent in that brand before the trigger was applied to it?

  • Juraj Jarmek

    Hello @...,

    We would not be able to resend any updates in such cases, where we have updated a ticket but the outbound trigger did not exist to send those emails.

    However, you may use a notification advising any end-users that if they have an existing ticket updates were not sent in a certain timespan, and you may invite them to contact you, or ignore that email.

    You may use Automations for that.

    About automations and how they work

    Creating and managing automations for time based events

    You may create an automation that looks for a certain brand and email that have been created in a certain time span, for example:

    Hope that helps!

  • Marc Spaeth

    What if the triggers are setup correctly and the events have the trigger activity with the email response.  What if the email address from the original ticket is incorrect (bad email or entered by the user incorrectly), how can we see if the email was rejected?

  • Abraham K.
    Hello Marc,

    If the email is somehow entered incorrectly notification of this depends on the server for the email domain.  Some will send a "bounce-back" message advising that you have contacted an invalid email address, and if this does happen you would find that message in the Suspended view as it would be detected as an automated sending system (and thus suspended to prevent looping automated responses).  You can find out more about this here:

    If you get most of your traffic by web form submissions from your users the most effective way of making sure typos or blatantly incorrect emails are not getting into your system is to require email verification as a part of the submission process.  This is just a simple message sent to the address of the submitting user asking them to confirm that the email address is correct and they have access to the account.  Once a user profile has the email verified they are not asked to perform that action on future contact with your system.  You can find out more about this option here:

    I hope this helps!
  • Luke

    When one of my groups send tickets from Zendesk to people inside the business who are not on zendesk, they don't get an email notification? But when we reply to a customer, they always get the email notification? Why does this happen?

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Due to the nature of your concern, I have created a ticket for you. Please wait for my update via email and let's continue our conversation there. 
  • ImRowe

    Hi Dane,

    I have a similar issue, could you share the ticket no?

  • Viktor Osetrov
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello ImRowe,

    Please create a ticket with us separately and use the following ticket number as a reference. Have attached below

    Hope it helps
  • Nick S

    Hi team, is there a way we can receive an alert if a public reply is added to a ticket by the agent, but the requester profile does not contain an email address and therefore doesn't send?

  • Ivan Miquiabas
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Nick Sgarioto,
    Thanks for reaching out! I'm not sure what you mean by the requestor profile does not contains an email address. Can you expound? 
    But for Email notification, for every activity on tickets are controlled via Zendesk default triggers, there are for agents and for end-users depending on the updates happening on the ticket. 
    Default triggers 
  • Nick S

    Email notifications only get sent out if there is an email address on the user profile, but not all our end-users have an email.

    For example we have tickets/users created as a result of an inbound call which does not have an email address attached. An agent may forget to check if a requester profile actually has an email address on their profile, and when they submit a public reply it doesn't actually go anywhere since the profile has no email. 

    Triggers are set correctly to send the email notification where an email address is present on the end-user profile, but there is no notification if an email is absent.

  • Ivan Miquiabas
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Nick Sgarioto
    Thanks for explaining the use-case, for that matter I believe triggers will still fire but unfortunately there is no way to alert the agent if the profile has no email address on file. Although this has been requested as a product feature, see this Community post. Last update was last year. There are no plans yet of gettting this added as a feature. But I encourage you to up the post so that our Product team will be notified. 

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