Why are my customers not mapped to their organization when they contact us?

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  • believe

    Hello Greg and thank you for this post.

    I'm facing a case when I got more than 200 new users who belong to an existing organisation but who are not automatically linked. I have to force the mapping each time and it's time-consuming as hell ! 

    Is there any way to do a "bulk" force mapping. Like a reset button where th a mapping will be forced for all the users?

    If not, is there any other way than the domain to link automatically the user with an organisation? 

    Thank you for your help !


  • Gabriel
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Chris,

    I hope all is well! Due to the reasons described above, if the user is not verified, there will not be another option to force or bulk force the organization's assignment. The best workaround at the moment is still the one presented above. 

    I hope this can help!
  • Martin Dalhoff Steensen

    Hi, I'm facing this issue as well. We have ~15,000 end users and ~100 organisations. As we are a B2B service, our end users are employees working at our corporate customers. I bulk uploaded organisations with domains attached and it seemed to work, but in Zendesk Explore a lot of organisations and tickets are not showing.

    Is it really true that all end users need to verify for me to be able to report on eg. tickets per corporate customer? I can't believe that to be true.

    BR Martin

  • Tom Cooke

    Our support teams are divided by the type of client they support.

    I was hoping the domain mapping on the organisation would be a perfect solution for this, however this fails if the email is unverified.

    I have to retrospectively bulk verify users via API and daily verify any new users manually. 

    Is there not a way I can push verification emails for all unverified users?

  • Julio H
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Martin,
    Explore, will show all the tickets created under the user that belongs to an organization, if the end user email address is not yet verified, this will not affect the reporting side of things. 

    What will happen is if you have new end users added, and you want to report on tickets created before they were mapped to an ORG. Those tickets do not have an organization linked to them, so they will not show in the report. Unfortunately, closed tickets can not be updated. 

    As long as the ticket is linked to the org, you will be able to report. When mapping end users to orgs via domain. Only, new tickets created will be mapped in the system. 

    For more information, please visit: Explore recipe: Displaying organizations with no tickets the null value, shows all tickets without org, then you can filter by email address to see those tickets. 


    I hope it helps! 
  • Marci Abraham

    I don't understand what's happening here, because we don't have the same problem. We have an Enterprise account, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but our users all end up in the correct org just by putting the domain into the org's account. Most of them use ticket forms...would that have anything to do with it? 

    Note that I do not have a problem to solve for myself...I am hoping that my experience will help someone else. And that I may better understand how this works, since I am working on a project that relates to this capability.


  • Jake Bowen

    I've had a similar experience to Marci's regarding this matter. Typically, if the domain matches, the user is automatically added to the organization. However, there are instances where this doesn't happen. In order to better understand the situation, it would be helpful to have more specific details on when this feature should work and when we need to take manual action to resolve the issue.

  • Au Finh

    Jake Bowen Is it possible that those users were created before the organization was created? If so, I don't believe Zendesk will automatically map the existing users to the appropriate organization.

  • Richard Adams

    The silence from Zendesk here on this issue of auto mapping unverified users is deafening.

  • Ian Pylvainen

    Hi, is there any way to disable this requirement? We need customers to correctly map to organizations when they file tickets, even if they haven't yet verified their email address.

  • JR Lausin
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Ian,

    Unfortunately there's no option to bypass this requirements. 
    Generally, a user must verify their email address before they are automatically added to an organization. However, an unverified user can be mapped to an organization if their profile is created at the same time as their first ticket and the ticket is created either via email or chat.


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