Why is the customer's reply not changing the ticket status to open?

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  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Sabrina -

    Thanks for including the details of your trigger that solves the tickets created for this purpose. Because you've included "Ticket is Created", that shouldn't affect what happens when your customer responds. As the article says at the top, the default behavior when a customer responds to a ticket in the Solved status is that the ticket's status should reset to Open. Since that's not happening, I'd suggest you take a look at the ticket Events log, as it's likely there's something happening during the update (another trigger, perhaps) that's changing the ticket's status (to something other than Open): Viewing all events of a ticket

    If you're not able to figure out what's going on after looking at the ticket events, I'd suggest you chat with our support team using Option 1 here: Contacting Zendesk Customer Support

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Jameela,

    Users added as Followers are agents or admins, and this is why when they reply to the email thread to update the ticket, the status does not change to Open. Per the inborn system rule, only when end users reply to the thread will the status be changed to Open. 

    If you need email updates from followers to change the ticket status, then you may have to use triggers that will fire when the comment update is over email and the user is an agent. Note though that this trigger will also fire when the assignee sends an update via email. But if this will fit your workflow needs, then you can give this a try.

    Thanks Jameela!
  • Rhys Edlin

    I have had success with the below, however sometimes our agents have tickets where they are the requester AND the assignee, so in this case, if that agent tries to set the status of that ticket to anything other than solved, it reopens the ticket. This was resolved by adding (under the ALL conditions) - Requester IS NOT (assignee).

    Therefore if _another_ agent replies (either in Zendesk itself or via email) to a ticket which is assigned to you (and that ticket is on hold or pending), it will reopen that ticket, but if you reply to your own tickets this trigger will not hit.

    Final setup:

    1. Under Meet ALL of the following conditions:
      • Ticket | Is | Updated
      • Requester | Is | (current user)
      • Current user | Is | (agent)
      • Status | Not changed to | Solved
      • Requester | Is not | (assignee)
    2. Under Actions:
      • Status | Open
  • Mucci Marinucci

    HI all,

    We set this up in our instance as directed above. We noticed an issue with the setup. If the ticket requester and the ticket assignee are both agents, then the ticket doesn't seem to ever be allowed to be Solved. This trigger continuously keeps the ticket in the Open status. I had to add another Global condition:

    Status > Not changed to > Solved

    Please advise. Thanks! I feel the conditions in this support doc might need to be edited, unless I am missing something.

  • Jameela Bacchus(admin)

    Is it traditional that when a Follower on a ticket sends a reply it does not reopen a ticket?

    Ive been trying to find documentation but cannot find any. 

    If anyone can let me know. Thanks!

  • Sabrina Hamman

    Thank you,

  • Sabrina Hamman

    Looking for some support.  I've automated Zendesk with our proprietary platform based on conditions met to fire an email to the requestor asking for certain pieces of information.

    I have these emails sent to the requestor and also sent to the requestor/clients group within Zendesk so that we can capture they got notified.  Because it's only for tracking and we don't need to touch the ticket I have the ticket set to auto solve.  However when the requestor replies with the information we need I need for the ticket to reopen however the requestor is replying with the details we need ye the ticket stays in solved.  Can you please help?  Here is what I have created.

    Meet ALL of the following conditions

    Ticket is Created

    Group is ___

    Subject Text Contains the Following String____

    Actions will occur

    Status Solved



  • Jagan

    Adding a status is Solved should solve the following 2 problems.

    1. Reopen of a ticket when the ticket is On Hold. When a ticket is in On Hold status, we do not want the ticket to go to Open by a response from the requester.
    2. Like Rhys Edlin mentioned, this can cause problems when they respond to a ticket where they are assignee and requester.


  • Brandon Tidd
    User Group Leader Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary
    The Humblident Award - 2021

    Hey Mucci Marinucci -

    You'll want to add a condition to say Current User is not Assignee to account for this.

    Thanks for flagging!



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