Why can't I BCC?

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  • Marina

    Zendesk Sell includes BCC functionality, why not Support? 

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Marina,
    Can you add your use case to this thread in our product feedback topics? Support Needs BCC Option
  • Chad Susa (Gravity CX - Zendesk Partner)

    Hello :)

    Is there a way to know if a ticket is created because someone BCC'd in a Support address? Other than viewing the original email in the ticket - which doesn't show the BCC information anyway...but I guess this could be used...except it's cumbersome. Doing it on every ticket would be a pain.

    As an agent, I'd like to know that the ticket was created due to us (the Support team) being BCC'd, so I don't inadvertently reply with sensitive information.

    See this video for an example.

    Many thanks

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    We don't have a way to detect incoming email if the support address has just been added as a BCC. I'd recommend creating a Community post separately for that with your use case to help get more visibility and votes on the idea. Then, others can share their use cases to further drive demand for that feature. For the meantime, I'll also mark this as a feedback. Thank you for understanding.
  • Many thanks Dane. I think it's an edge case anyway so all good.

    If Zendesk doesn't see value in this as a feature (even if it's possible) then that's completely fine with me ;)


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