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  • Ian Morgan

    I use the @mentions to add a follower but recently noticed it doesn't automatically add the user to follower. This could be due to the way I have started to use it recently but I wanted to confirm this.

    eg. I want to @mention Joe Bloggs in an internal comment. I type "Hi @Joe "   and select his email address from the list which provides the link (turns blue). However I prefer to be less formal with my colleagues so when the link "Joe Bloggs" appears I backspace to remove "Bloggs". "Joe" still remains in blue so I have assumed the link is still there. However he is not added as a follower so I am wondering whether my modification actually removes the link even though it stays blue? Or is there another issue? Rich text formatting is on.

    Thank you.

  • Oscar Maynard

    Hi, is it possible to set up a trigger to notify a staff member they have been added as a follower?

    For example, we have a light agent we'd like to add as a follower to add internal comments when we need support. However, they don't work within Zendesk, so they would need an email notification when added as a follower?

  • PJ Sto. Domingo

    Hi, Oscar! There is currently no available action in Triggers that we can use to notify agents that they have been added as a follower. The agents will only get an email once the ticket has been updated by either the requester or the assignee. Please let us know if you have any clarifications. Thanks!

    PJ Sto. Domingo | Senior Customer Advocate

  • Brian McGinley

    Can you @ mention a group?

  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hello @...,

    The ability to @ mention a group is currently not possible in Support. I would suggest sharing your use case with our developers in our product feedback forums so they can consider adding this feature in future updates.

    Best regards.

  • Chad Susa

    Is there a way to stop followers from receiving email notifications?

    In the use case where agents (followers) action all their tickets in Zendesk but don't want their email to be 'spammed' with follower email notifications.

    Is this possible?

  • Ronnie Zhou

    It seems the admin has to choose between the markdown editor and this which enables mentions.

    It would be nice if this is configurable at the user level, since markdown is still preferred by some. 

  • Nate Cartwright

    We have not "upgraded" to this new feature, but this week all our cc agent addresses are going out to all our clients, exposing our internal email addresses to them. This invariably means clients start emailing individual agents because their email and name is now in their email system. There is *no* way to delete an email or name from Gmail once it's added, even if you remove the contact the autocomplete is still there. Zendesk has now changed this functionality of CCs to put the private email address of *every* agent we have in the group publicly cc'd on every ticket we have. This is atrocious. Please do not automatically CC agents when a ticket is assigned to their group, and bring back the setting to not display cc'd parties in the CC field of the email (instead they should be able to be listed as CC'd in the email template, if desired).

    We have now lost a bunch of tickets because users now have *every agent in the company's personal email address* in their Gmail contact list, without our consent.

    Finally, please do *not* automatically add CCs to a ticket just because there is a trigger that emails an agent or a group of agents about a ticket. If we wanted to add a CC to a ticket in a trigger, we would do that explicitly in the trigger. This recent change is what has caused *all* our agents to be CCed on *every* ticket in their group, because we send out notification triggers for each ticket (but do *not* add them to the ticket's CCs, on purpose, but Zendesk is adding them, apparently because of this notification trigger).


    You might say "well just switch to the new CCs and followers function", but this horribly breaks our "if requestor is not current user" trigger filter, which prevents agents from getting spammed by their own updates.


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