How can I troubleshoot known issues with the Salesforce integration?

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  • Luke Whitten


    It appears our Salesforce/Zendesk connection stopped today once we made tickets visible in Salesforce. It was working great. Then the connection ended. 

    When I try to reconnect the integration, I get a page that says this only:

    {"errors":[{"status":"400","code":"1301","detail":" : oauth2: cannot fetch token: 400 Bad Request\nResponse: {\"error\":\"invalid_grant\",\"error_description\":\"ip restricted\"}"}]}

    Any feedback or help would be appreciated as we are excited to get this feature working finally like it was today briefly! Thank you

  • Russell Chee
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey Luke,

    Thanks for reaching out on this post, I hope you are doing well and apologies for the delayed response!

    Could you check that "locked sessions to ip address from which they originated" is unchecked, OAuth policies are configured correctly and ensuring the relevant profiles listed in the Manage Profiles in the connected app here?

    For more information to double check the settings please see our article here.


  • Lakshmi Prasath

    The Zendesk tickets are not updated to Account page


  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Lakshmi,

    Is this a support issue that you need assistance with? If so, could you provide some additional detail about what is happening?

  • Lakshmi Prasath

    Nicole, Yes this issue is resolved now. I tried Russel's link steps. 

  • Dwight Bussman
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Glad to hear that this issue has been resolved by re-linking!

    Dwight B. | Customer Advocate

    Zendesk Experience Research Panel

  • Giang PRIEST


    I've configured the Permissions Sets and also have enabled profiles to access the different Visualforce pages, and yet my users still have this error: "You do not have the level of access necessary to view this application. Please contact your administrator to grant you access if necessary."

    Can you please help? 

    Thank you!

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Giang,

    This error has been encountered by another customer and was answered as one of the comments on Using Ticket View in Salesforce

    For your reference, There are a few reasons this might be the case. First, I'd make sure you've followed the initial setup steps: Setting up the Zendesk for Salesforce integration of the users in question.

    If that's already in place, you might be using the visual force pages, which have their own separate security. To check this, please see the final point in Zendesk for Salesforce integration - Required profile permissions

    If the issue persists, we suggest that you contact us for further investigation.


  • Durham Barnes - Super Soccer Stars

    Hi there @...

    When a ticket is closed in Zendesk the status of the originally synced case in salesforce is changed to "Merged".

    I'm trying to remove the "Merged" Status in Salesforce from the mapping in > "Custom Ticket Field Mapping".  there is not a null option on the Zendesk side and the salesforce side is read-only.

    Ultimately, if a Zendesk ticket status changes to "closed" we'd like the synced ticket in Salesforce's status to update to "closed" as well.

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

  • Randy Magliozzi

    We're in the process of implementing the Salesforce integration and have run into a few challenges. 

    1.) Welcome Emails are not being triggered when a new Org/User is created through the sync -- is this a know issue?  Is there a workaround?

    2.) We create the Org first then the User in a flow -- however, we don't want to add a public domain to the Org (e.g., gmail) as that seems to result in un-mapped Users (no Orgs) to get re-mapped to the new Org if gmail is a domain.   However, in this case when we don't sync the domain, the integration doesn't return the Zendesk User Record ID.  Is this a bug?


  • Schallinger, Yaniv


    Our current process in the company also requires the internal CS team to create tickets in Zendesdk on behalf of customers. These type of tickets are not shown on the customer account records but we would like them to be shown. 
    When the CS team creates the specific ticket, they also mention the org number and on SFDC to each org is related an account so we can easily relate it to the account threw the org but I will need your help with that. 

    Is that something pysible? 




  • Mat Friedman

    The error message I have is 

    We have made changes to the integration set up process.

    To continue using ticket view, please ensure you have the managed package installed and are using the new Lightning or Visualforce component.

    From what I can tell the managed package was installed correctly, and ticket view is properly enabled in Zendesk. I'm stuck and not sure how to troubleshoot this.

  • Efthymis Kouzelis

    Hello there!
    I am using the integration as a simple ticket view in Salesforce. Suddenly today, when someone tries to check Zendesk view gets two red banners stating:
    1. "Failed to fetch your settings. Please try again."
    2.  "An error has occurred when trying to load tickets. Please check your configurations."

    Can anyone help?

  • Creative Juice Support

    Everything was working fine. Now every agent sees this error every time they login to salesforce, and none of the ticket views will load. None of the troubleshooting steps on this page have helped.

  • Julio H
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Efthymis,

    Thanks for your report. 

    I believe this was a temporary service incident on the 31st of March in Salesforce: 

    The issue was solved from both sides that day. 

    Please, if you experience this issue again, contact us as per the following documentation: 

    Contacting Zendesk Customer Support 


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