Why are my Explore reports cut off or missing at the bottom of my exported or scheduled dashboard PDF's and images?

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  • Abed Islam

    If your dashboard/tab exceeds 20,000px height, your PDF (probably image, too) export will have all its widgets' aspect ratios skewed to fit 20,000. So if it's a 30,000px height dashboard, the PDF will be shrunken down to 20k px and the ratios will go from 1:1 to like 2:3 or something to that effect.

    This is a hard-coded limitation that has not been documented yet. So if like me you're wondering why your exports, downloaded, scheduled, or otherwise, are looking so bizarre, and your heights are over 20k, then split your content across multiple tabs.

    Hit the tab dropdown, clone the tab into the same dashboard without cloning the queries or datasets. For editing en masse, I zoom out all the way so the dashboard is shrunken as much as possible, on Tab 1 - select the content passed 20k px, delete them. On Tab 2 do the same for the content above 20k px. Then manually move things up in Tab 2 and adjust the heights of both tabs.

    Hope that helps.


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