How do I solve a ticket automatically after a certain amount of time?

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  • Justin Aurand

    Since a condition required for this automation to fire - Status - is updated in the performed actions, the ticket_solver tag is unnecessary.

    Simple way to create this automation:

    1. Create a new automation.
    2. Under Meet all of the following conditions, add the below conditions.
      • Ticket: Status | Is | Pending
        This condition makes sure only the tickets marked as pending are checked.
      • Ticket: Hours since update | Greater than | 48
      • Ticket: Hours since pending | Greater than | 48
        The Hours since update condition starts counting from the last update in the ticket. The Hours since pending condition targets pending tickets that are in this state for more than two days.
    3. Under Perform these actions, add the actions below.
      • Ticket: Status | Solved
  • Anna Valdez

    Great point Justin Aurand. Thanks for sharing

  • Steven Waring

    Would this automation go for all tickets in the Zendesk our could we limit it to function on one area (queue) 





  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Steven,
    The current automation is for all ticket. However, you can further optimize it by the use of tags, groups etc. to target specific tickets.
  • Joshua Sung


    With automation, how do we ensure that when we close these tickets that there is message sent at the same time with a reason? Automation doesn't seem to support messaging...

  • Nacho Santana
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Joshua,
    In the settings, you can add more than one action for the automation to perform at the moment that is fired. For example, if you have an automation that the action is to close the ticket you can add the action to "Notify: Email user > requester", this will send an email informing the end-user that the ticket has been close. 

    These articles will explain this in more detail:
    About automations and how they work
    Automation conditions and actions reference
    Creating and managing automations for time-based events

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