Can user accounts share an email address?

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  • Jozsef Hajdu

    Hey, our problem is, we have 2 brands, and the 2 brands share some customers/end users. We would like to import them in Zendesk, under the different brands and external ID's, but same emails. How could we do this?

  • Ben Van Iten
    Zendesk Digital Resources Team

    Greetings Jozsef,

    The email address is the primary identifier for users in Zendesk, so the system will not allow you to have two users that share the same email address. This is a hard coded rule for which there is no work around unfortunately. Once the user is created they will be able to submit tickets for any of your brands.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns!

  • Hiday878

    Tq ben🤗🙏for guide me introtion

  • Jozsef Hajdu

    Thank you Ben!

  • Waris Khan

    Hi ZendeskTeam,

    I would like to follow-up here as why we can't use a shared email address for members within group?
    We have scenario where we have to send custom notification to group upon ticket creation and all the members shares same email domain. 

  • Elaine
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Waris,

    As Ben has mentioned above, the system does not allow having two or more users share the same email address. There is no workaround for this.

    What I can suggest is to use the Notify group action in a trigger where all members of a group will be notified upon ticket creation.

    Below is an example trigger for this:

    Hope this helps! :)


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