Monitoring email open rate and link clicks

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  • Bill Fanning

    Is there a way to generate a report that shows email views and clicks?

  • Austine Hipol

    Hi BIll,

    On the smart list view (for both Leads and Contacts), you can click on + Field to pull up "Views of My Last Email, "Clicks in My Last Email", "My Emails Without Contact Response" etc.:

    Our support article on the Communication Smart List includes more details on using smart lists for email permanence:

    The Email Outcomes (visualization) report is available on the Enteprise and Elite plan:

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

    Austine Hipol
    Customer Advocate | Zendesk Sell


  • Hello,
    Is there a similar feature in the Zendesk Support pannel? 
    I would appreciate it if someone could help me to find an extension that tracks users' clicking on a link we send in a support ticket.

  • Ahn Letran
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello, Natallia!

    Hope you're doing well!

    As of now, this feature isn't available on the Support side of Zendesk, which I agree would be cool if implemented as well. I understand this is not the answer you were hoping for, but you can up-vote this post or create you own feedback here, and add your detailed use-case to the conversation. Threads with a high level of engagement ultimately get flagged for product managers to review when they go through roadmap planning.


    Ahn L. | Customer Support Advocate

  • GrowthDot

    Hi, everyone! We suggest Email Tracking for Zendesk Support. It tracks email opens, shows the best time for a reply, and generates reports with charts and indexes. Soon, we release an update for you to track link opens.

  • Jeff Garris

    Does Email Tracking work with Zendesk Sell?  I am the Admin for our company - can I see email opens for my staff, or only for emails that I send?  Thank you!

  • Dane Adriano
    Zendesk Customer Care
    The Email Tracking App is only for Support. You can also check its supported product if you filter apps in the marketplace. However, there are also some apps that support all products.

  • GrowthDot

    Hi, Jeff Garris!

    Email Tracking is for Zendesk Support only. However, we are working on implementing the app to Zendesk Sell. In Email Tracking, you can see all email opens for everyone and anyone. Thank you for asking!


  • Julia


    I was wondering what happens when the customer forwards the email to someone else. 
    For example: I send an email to a customer with a link who forwards my mail to the team. Everyone in the team opens the link, what will be tracked and what not? 

    Kind regards, 


  • Dane Adriano
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Julia,
    The forwarded email will no longer be counted as it's considered sent outside of the Sell platform. 

    Note: View and click tracking is only available for email messages sent from Sell. For email messages sent outside of Sell, the number of views and clicks is replaced with the note ‘Sent outside of Sell’.


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