Setting up and publishing the lead capture form

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  • Nick

    Hey! Is there a way to provide a drop down list of options in a lead capture form? ie Q 'how did you hear about us' A (TV, Radio, Facebook, etc). Thanks. Nick

  • A Gratton’s Edge Inc

    Hi Nick, 

    Not sure if you received an answer to this question. You can create dropdown list options by creating the Field in leads to include the dropdown info. Then add the field to the lead form and map the field to lead attribute. In preview, you can see the dropdown for that field. Hope this helps. 

  • Mark Elliott

    Hi, after the completion of a lead capture form, the following text is shown to the prospective client:


    Thanks for your inquiry.
    We will contact you as soon as possible.


    Is there any way to change this please, the spelling of inquiry is Americanised and we would like to change the wording regardless. . 

  • Laura Hippert

    Hi Mark - Thanks for reaching out! I'm sorry to say that the lead capture form is not editable (except for changing the fields available). That being said, if you have anyone on your team with developer knowledge, they could use our API to create a custom form that would allow you customize fully, or a third party app like Zapier with another form capture tool. 

  • Abdelhameed Khaled

    I tried to embed the the form in an article source code but it did not show up ?!


  • Brian Pierce

    Is there a way to assign leads to a rotation of sales people or put them in a queue unassigned? We have multiple locations and do not want all the leads to go to a single person. 

  • Margaret Porter

    The submit button on our embedded Zendesk form is getting cut-off on the right side on mobile. Is there any way to adjust this?

  • Kai
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Abdelhameed,
    In Zendesk Sell, you can indeed set up lead assignment rules to distribute leads among a rotation of sales people or place them in an unassigned queue. This ensures a fair distribution of leads and prevents them from going to a single person. Here's how you can do it:
    1. Create a Round Robin Lead Assignment:
      • Log in to Zendesk Sell as an admin or a user with the necessary permissions.
      • Go to "Admin" or "Settings" (this may vary depending on your version).
      • In the settings, find "Lead Assignment" or "Routing Rules."
    2. Set Up a Round Robin Assignment:
      • Create a round robin rule that evenly distributes leads among the designated salespeople. You can specify the sales team members you want to include in the rotation.
    3. Create an Unassigned Queue:
      • In addition to the round robin rule, you can set up an unassigned queue where leads will go if they aren't assigned to a specific salesperson. This ensures that no leads are left unattended.
    4. Customize the Assignment Rules:
      • Depending on your requirements, you can further customize the assignment rules based on lead attributes, such as location, industry, or source.
    5. Test and Monitor:
      • After setting up the rules, it's important to test and monitor the lead assignment to ensure it's working as expected.
    6. Documentation and Training:
      • Provide documentation and training to your sales team to ensure they understand the lead assignment process and how to work with leads from the unassigned queue.

    By following these steps, you can establish lead assignment rules in Zendesk Sell to distribute leads among salespeople in a rotation or place them in an unassigned queue, preventing leads from going to a single person. This promotes fair lead distribution and more efficient lead management.
  • Michelle Vong

    Kai Hi, I was trying to follow your instructions but was unable to find "Lead Assignment" or "Routing Rules" in my ZD Sell settings

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering

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