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  • Carsten -
    Community Moderator


    My new AE can't seem to add a mailto link in her signature? It keeps adding HTTP in front of the link?

  • Michael Froeming
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello there,

    My name is Michael with Zendesk support.

    I created a ticket for you to provide a targeted support to the account you're experiencing this issue with. Please expect an email from me shortly via that ticket.


    Michael Froeming | Senior Customer Advocacy Specialist

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  • Dima Sazonoff

    I clicked on settings - email
    but there are no "email signature" link

    we are using agents workspace, not zendesk sell. Is any way to set up signature for agents?

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Dima –

    Yes, in Zendesk Support you can add agent signatures. Here's how: Adding an agent signature to ticket email notifications

  • Adam Davis

    When I enter the html signature it resolves correctly in the preview window. It has a couple of images and contact details in a 3 column, 2 row table format. 

    When I try to use the signature it appears that the table is ignored and the contents mashed. 

    Are there restrictions in the html tags available?  

  • Jordyn

    I am having the same issue as Adam mentioned above.

  • Laura Hippert

    Hi @... and @...- I would be happy to look into the table you are using in your HTML signature further! I have created individual tickets so that we can investigate. 

  • Jitesh D

    Hi @... I am facing these problems with the HTML Signatures.. 

    • table columns are not being applied
    • Any custom CSS within style (like <span style="color:red">) are not being applied

    In the signature preview, it shows correctly, but when the signatures come to use, these are not working. Could you let me know if these are known issues for which we're working on a fix?

  • Adrian Joseph Magboo
    Zendesk Employee

    Hi Jitesh,


    It looks like there's an issue going on with this as it's showing correctly from the preview. Let me look into this further. I created a new ticket and you will receive an email from me shortly. 




  • Hi!

    I tried to set up a merging tag for my Sell signature in sequences and faced that in second and subsequent emails, my Sell signature ended as doubled information, and my Gmail highlighted it in violet and hides under the spoiler. Gmail sees Sell signature as plain text.

    Might be you know how I can fix it?


  • Tim Baron

    When adding my HTML Signature, i have followed all the instructions. The actual pictures from my logos do not show... the pictures copy in other platforms.... please help.


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