Defining a company hierarchy

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  • Rico Pagliuca

    It would be so wonderful is Support had this structure. Subordinate organizations [and associated user rights] would be massively beneficial to support. It's a frustrating product gap. 

  • Jenn Ezell

    couldn't agree more :(

  • Taylor Phelan

    I would love to be able to identify multiple parent companies per child company. A use case would be a company that is the child of a joint venture. I need to know that they are connected to BOTH parent companies.

    Another helpful feature would be to add a "sibling" company, to use the familial language. A use case here would be two independent companies that aren't exactly over/under but are formally associated. Maybe "sibling" isn't the right word considering it implies two companies under the same parent... but you get it.

    This would be HUGE for us.


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