Can I make outbound calls with my toll-free number?

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  • Chad Susa


    Is it possible to achieve the below?

    I want our customers to inbound call us only on our Toll Free Zendesk number. We also would like to outbound call them from Zendesk. As outbound calling is not supported for Toll Free numbers in Zendesk Talk we have to create a seperate local line for outbound calling.

    When a customer receives a call from the local number, the caller ID of that number shows to them and they could potentially use that number to call us back - we don't want that. We only want them to use the Toll Free number to call us.

    Is there a way to set the Toll Free number as the outbound caller ID - potentially adding it as the External Number or ID somehow.

    If this can't be done, I'm wondering how someone would get around this issue?

    Many Thanks :)

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Chad,

    I'm afraid there really is no option to hide the number you're using when making outbound calls to end-users with any of your Talk lines. I also tried searching the other threads for any workaround that might have been discussed by other users, but I was not able to find anything helpful. Sorry about this limitation, Chad.

    If you have some time, I recommend that you create a new post in the Talk Product Feedback topic in our community to engage with other users who have similar needs. Threads in our Feature request/Feedback forums with high engagement get flagged for product managers to review when they go through roadmap planning. Thanks!

  • Jamie Danjoint

    Agreed with Chad Susa! We've been using the toll-free number to make outbound calls until I saw an article that we shouldn't do that so I set a non-toll free number as the outbound and now clients are calling that number, holding forever and escalating. I have no choice but go back to the toll-free number.

  • Christine Felicia
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Jamie,

    Thanks for your input! Although you are able to use your toll-free number to make outbound calls, this is not a recommended workflow since toll-free numbers are designed to receive inbound calls only. And if you encounter any issue with this workflow, unfortunately, we're not able to troubleshoot further since it is not a supported feature.

    If you have some time, I recommend that you start a post about this on our Feedback - Voice (Talk) page. Our Product Managers actively monitor our feedback threads, and conversations with high user engagement ultimately get flagged by the team for roadmap planning. You may use the Product Feedback Post Template. Thank you!

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