Why are end-user comments showing up as internal notes?

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  • Serge Mucibabic

    I agree this is annoying and very confusing. 

    I've just had a case where a relatively new agent forwarded a couple of moths old email to our 'Zendesk Support' email, hence the ticket was raised. The agent who forwarded this email was not copied on the original email (he wasn't even an employee at the time). The system created a ticket with an internal note, but recognized the requester who is the customer.

    Furthermore, I have a trigger that uses a standard provision {{ticket.description}}, which is supposed to capture the content of the ticket and send it out in a non-agent email address (via 'Notify Target') at the time of ticket creation. The trigger worked and the email was sent out, but the content was empty as the description has been omitted. I suspect this is because of the internal note that by nature is supposed to be shared with agents and administrators only.

    Can you please help me understand this better and let me know what can be done about it? 

    Why the system created this ticket with internal note?

    Thank you!

  • Gail Hovanec

    Don't hold your breath Serge - I've gone round and round with ZenDesk about this issue.  They opened a tickets for me, we gave them access to our account - nothing came of it other than "this is how it works, we can't change it" or "this happened because this is the way it is supposed to work".

    They totally ignored or disputed data provided that proved the settings were not working as they should and ended up closing my cases.

    Customer support for long standing and known issues is very poor - it is much easier for ZenDesk to just push the blame off by saying that it has to be this way or that it is a fault of the customer not understanding why it has to be this way - than to fix the long standing issues.  ZenDesk developers - "Hey, let's spend time coding so that we can put a context panel with buttons in the interface for functionality that already exists and tell customers it is to make things easier! We won't really have to do anything new or difficult!"

    It really is a pity how ZenDesk manages the application.  It could be such a great system, but they seem to choose to just ride on the coat tails of what they originally made and ignore making the many changes that are asked for over and over and over again - literally for YEARS.

  • Rolf Hayes

    Seems funny that Zendesk who promote and claim they assist with customer service of loads of companies, seem to not listen to requests of their own customers.  Similarly to this article, the Customize search results columns article which was created in 2017 doesn't seem to be any further on with Zendesk development.

    Please ZD team, we know you can do these things, please help your customers.

  • Gail Hovanec

    Rolf, give it up and do what my company did - dump ZenDesk and don't look back.  They fix nothing, customer service is horrible, the product is NOT what they pre-sales person claims it is.  It was the most liberating day of our support desk when we moved off of ZenDesk.  The new software we use is not only cheaper, but it actually does all those things that ZenDesk claimed it could do and can't.  Sure, it has a few little idiosyncrasies like all programs do, but noting like the total failures present in ZenDesk.

  • Lauren Smith

    Hi Gail Hovanec, out of interest do you mind sharing which platform you migrated to? 

  • Gail Hovanec


  • Sarosh

    This is especially annoying when a Light Agent leaves a comment on a ticket that is categorized as Internal, which in turn does not update the status of the ticket to Open.

    We had to work around this by creating the following Trigger, but the main drawback is this occurs to internal comments also left by full Support Agents who then have to update the status again:


    ZD cannot differentiate in triggers (and a lot of other areas) between an Agent & Light Agent:


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