Understanding when email replies become public or private comments

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  • Alison Cook


    Is there a concept to differentiate chat vs. support tickets in the new agent workspace? Our chat agents have to manually select "chat" in the comment section when they receive a chat. When I enable the "Non-email conversations are public by default" in Ticket settings, our support team then has to switch to 'internal note' when taking notes on a ticket. It is an extra step for either team using two completely different forums of communication.

    Thank you!


  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey Alison,

    It looks like you were able to find the answer to your question and you created a feedback post here around this limitation: Differentiate between chat vs. support ticket in Agent Workspace

    Let us know if you have any other questions!

  • ggalling

    I am getting some complaints from my customers around the behavior regarding whether an organization admin is able to see all replies to a ticket regardless of whether they CC the ticket requester or not.

    Although I understand that side conversations between our customers and our agents that do not include the ticket requester might be valuable in certain circumstances, we have customers who would like to see all ticket activity by their team no matter what.

    Perhaps a third response type is called for. I can personally attest that, as the Administrator of Zendesk, I get questions all the time about the counter-intuitive way that customers are able to create internal notes. 

    Customers are external. Why are they able to create something that is called "Internal"?

  • Niclas Kårlin
    If a CC replies to a ticket notification, and the requester isn’t on the reply, the reply becomes a private comment. If the recipient of the ticket notification is a follower, and the ticket already includes private comments created from email, the reply becomes a private comment. However, if the Make email comments from CCed end users public setting is enabled, the behavior changes and the reply becomes a public comment instead.

    I've tried this setting, but it doesn't seem to work, at least not how I interpreted it should. The email response (from another CC, and missing CC of the requester) was still Internal.

    Please create a ticket from this comment, to review our ticket https://kollmorgen.zendesk.com/agent/tickets/30922 



  • Julio R.

    Hi Niclas,

    I am creating a ticket on your behalf to investigate this for you.
    Thank you for your patience.

    Julio R. | Technical Support Engineer - EMEA | Zendesk

  • Elza

    I want that when the "Third-party replies to ticket notifications" -  all next public comments will be sent to this "third party". IN other words, when 3-rd party replies to the ticket -  he should become a CC in this ticket (be in the copy in all public responses).

    HOW to achieve it? it was the only reason that I migrated to "cc and followers"...

  • Gabriele F.
    Hi Elza!
    as you can see from the article description, there's two option for let the CC replies becoming public. Once the "third-party" has been added as CC they will receive all the notification when there's a public replies inside the ticket, done by requester, assignee and a CC. This will happen when you've enabled the CC on your ticket settings you can find in Support > Admin > Settings > Tickets ( please check the screenshot attached)

    When a CC replies inside the ticket, the comment will be added as public if the requester is on the reply otherwise, if the requester is not on the reply, you can enable the option to allow the CC replies to become public comments ( see second screenshot attached) but please be aware of the message showed as this is not recommended. 

    Finally, you will need to check if you create custom modification to the default trigger that is sending notification to requester and CC. If you don't modify this default trigger, your CC will get notified every time there's a public comment inside the ticket. The trigger name is "Notify requester and CCs of comment update"

    Kind regards,


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