Creating and managing custom fields in Sell

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  • banhi.ratha

    Hi @Sophie 

    Can we create the custom fields for deal/contact  through API or through requirements.json file?

    Not able to find any documentation on that.



  • Ivan

    Hello! Can I use these custom fields in Explore chart based on Sell dataset? I created them in Sell, use them in Sell Reports, but they doesn't appear in Explore charts!

  • Dave Dyson

    [EDIT: at the time Ivan asked their question, reporting on custom fields in Sell was not yet available, but it has been added since then. See Reporting with custom fields]

  • VIVOTEK Admin

    Does it possible to fulfill this Sell request? Or in the future development road-map.

    1.Product category functionality is too simple, cost can't share to sales user is really unreasonable.

    2.We need add customized field in Product category, e.g., product characteristic, product item, product hierarchy.... It is really unreasonable without this feasibility in customization.

    3.We need the customized field can be refer to other field. For example, margin can be calculated by the (deal values- total cost)/deal values. Even just a simple calculation , Field A= Field B+Field C. It is really ridiculous without this simple functionality and need to through outside third party and update back to Sell , even customer have been highlight this wish many times. Not to mention no formula function setting in the customized field.  


  • Sam - Dynanet

    I need to create Custom Fields in Zendesk SELL via API. How do I do that?


  • Shar Shar


  • VIVOTEK Admin

    I also need to create Custom Fields in Zendesk SELL via API. Is it support drop-down to add item via API?

  • Lea Jane Hug

    What are the chances to get conditional Fields?
    The option to hide the fields till certain conditions are met would be perfect.
    For example, we are tracking over 50 different custom fields, and not for all contacts are all 50 displayed or needed, so we would like to have an option to display only certain fields for certain agents or all together have an option to hide fields till certain conditions are met. 

  • Ludwick Marishane


    Lead custom field not carrying forward when converting to Contact or Deal. Custom field is disappearing. 

    When I create a custom field set to convert to Contacts and Deals: 

    1. If I add that field to my smart list filter and edit it in-line. Weh I convert to contact, that custom field doesn't get carried to contact. Tested it with single and bulk conversions, and neither contact/companies carried the new custom field through conversion. 
    2. The custom field only got carried when I went into the edit lead page, scrolled to the bottom field and added the data. After saving the updated field, refreshing the page, AND THEN clicking convert (while viewing the lead notes), the custom field finally carried through to the new contact! 
    3. This is a critical bug that could go unnoticed for ages. The custom field in my case was a multi-select field 
    4. Luckily, once the field is finally carried through the conversion, even the previous leads it didn't convert with also show up with the correct selection I had chosen for them. Before fixing the bug, the custom field didn't show up at all when editing the contacts after conversion! I was scared they were lost. 

    A very anxious experience

  • Jess R

    Hi, can I choose to hide or display custom fields by the different level of user access?

  • dianakurth


    what about conditional fields as in Support?

    meaning for example on deals:

    if CF=1 show field x

    if CF=2 show field y 

    ?? for bigger companies with complexe structure this would be great instead of having an endless list of custom fields on the cards...

    thanks! :) 

  • Hans Walter

    My Zendesk no longer shows the trash bin next to any custom fields and I have a number of them i need to delete as the fields are obsolete. Now what?

  • Dainne Lucena
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Hans Walter


    I went ahead & created a ticket as the team might need to investigate further as to why you are not seeing the 'delete function'.

    Please keep an eye out for our update on the ticket!

  • Kate Woollard

    Hi there,

    Can contact custom fields be transferred when a deal is created, or is it only lead fields that can be transferred to a deal?

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Kate,
    It's only for leads to deals. As a workaround, you can just create it manually for contacts.
  • James Correa


    1. Hide field -- a field is no longer used but we don't want to lose all data associated with it, but are no longer using it either.
    2. Custom Fields as calculations i.e. Deal Value - Costs - Promotion - Refund = Margin

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi James,
    As per this article: 

    You can also delete custom fields, but keep in mind that when you delete a custom field, you also delete all data that has been stored in that custom field.

    For custom fields, I have a similar setup on my account. The discount values are numbers custom field.

    Here is the formula I used for it:
    VALUE(Deal value)-VALUE(Deal - Discount)-VALUE(Deal - Discount 2)
  • Charlotte Jamnadass

    Is it not possible to make a custom field mandatory? We've added plenty of them but Associates are not completing them because they have the option not to but the information is then missing

  • Elaine
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Charlotte, you should be able to make a custom field (except for the Checkbox custom field type) mandatory to be filled out by your associates in Settings > Business Rules > Field Rules. For more information, please check out our other article Working with mandatory fields – Configuring required fields. Hope this helps! :)


  • Hi All

    Wondering what the character limit is for a Single Line Text field as well as the Paragraph Text field?

    Many thanks

  • Noly Maron Unson
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Chad Susa,

    The character limit for any text field is 65,536.

    Hope this helps.


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