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  • Jahn Jerenz Bronilla

    Hi Rob Stack - One of the dashboards I created do have 4 tabs on it. Question, is there a way I can restrict the tab for each team only so they are not allowed to view the other 3 tabs?


  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Jahn,

    Dashboard sharing can be controlled at the dashboard level, but not at the tab level. See Sharing dashboards

    If you'd like, you can leave a suggesting in our Feedback on Explore topic – we have a template you can copy to format your text. Thanks!

  • Andrew Chu

    Hi Rob/ Zendesk team,

    I have questions on Tabs in Explore Dashboard:

    - Are data/filters on different tabs linked together, or separated? meaning on 2 different tabs we have a similar filter, if I select a value to the filter on Tab1, will the same value be fed to filter in Tab 2? Or no effects to Tab2 ?

     - Can we set the value of filter(s) to a specific/default value to each Tab/Dashboard so everytime we open Dashboard we won't need to re-select value to filters

  • Jahn Jerenz Bronilla

    Hi Andrew Chu - for me the filter applies to all tab across the dashboard.

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Andrew,
    You can select the option Do not share across tab so that the filter will only apply on the current tab.

    If you need to set default filter values, then you can add dashboard bookmarks. You can refer to this guide on how to Save default filter values via bookmarks

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