Enrolling Sell leads and contacts in sequences

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  • Zak Wilkowski

    Hi, is it possible to send an automated email when a Lead is converted to a Contact? 

  • Katie Dougherty

    Hi @...,

    Currently, it is not possible to send automated emails from within Sell. That being said, please feel free to post this feedback in the Zendesk Sell Community Feedback section!

    A common workflow is to create a smart list of newly converted Leads in the Contact section of your account. You can use the field "added on" and "status" to filter for new contacts added on a specific date. Send a bulk email to these individuals who were recently converted. 

    For more information on automated options, see the articles: Using Mailchimp in Sell and Using Zapier with Sell

  • Brendan Lane

    Hi, as far as I can tell there is no ability to cc someone on a sequence.  Is that correct?

    I see that I can do this on one-off emails and on templates, but not when using those same templates in an email sequence.

    Is there a workaround?  My specific use-case is that I want to cc the same person every time a sequence is used.  Heck, I'll even cc the same person on all outgoing emails if there is a way to do that.

    Please help.  

  • Katie Dougherty

    Hi @...,

    You are correct that you cannot CC someone on an email sequence in Sell. You are also correct that you can CC someone in one-off emails to your leads and contacts.

    However, you cannot add someone as a CC to saved email templates or in a bulk email. Would you mind expanding on your process and who would be added to every outgoing email? Would an option be to add that specific person on your account as a collaborator on all these records so they can get regular updates?

    I am not aware of a workaround from within the product, but you can explore other email integration options via Zapier and our Apps Marketplace

    Lastly, I would encourage you to post this feedback in our Sell Feedback section in the Community where our Product Managers can review your suggestion and others can upvote your post! 

  • Jakub Konik
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi @... and @.... Just wanted to let you know that it's now possible to add contacts to sequences : ) 

  • Ryo Ogochi

    @... great to hear.  I don't see a sequence widget in contacts though so can't enroll any contacts into sequence. I checked the Layout settings page as well but dont see the Sequence widget.


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