How do I save a copy of my tickets with Zendesk Customer Support?

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  • Susan Schneider

    Is there anyway to export a list of tickets to excel? Is this functionality that is being looked into for future?

    I have many customers who are requesting this functionality.


  • Viktor Osetrov
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Susan,

    You can export a list of tickets to JSON, CSV, or XML files via ``
    Please read more about it here -> Exporting ticket, user, or organization data from your account
    If you wish to have an excel file - please feel free to use any free online converter. You can search it as:
    - CSV to XLSX
    - JSON to XLSX
    - XML to XLSX

    Hope it helps
  • Jennifer Gillespie

    Thank you @... but that doesn't work for the end users who only have access to Guide.  Is there anything in the works by Zendesk to enhance the End user experience to allow them to do a bulk export? 

  • Sabra
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey Jennifer Gillespie! I would encourage you to follow this feedback post to get updates on any timelines associated with this kind of functionality: Ticket export tool for End-users (Export tickets by organization)


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