Can I edit closed tickets?

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  • Rich Shupe

    This is critical to us as a Zendesk customer.

  • Gatis Bertmanis

    Yeah, need to enable closed ticket editing, for the most reasonable, to unassign from assignee old tickets.

    Second, cases rises when the agent can not see other agent tickets in profile view, because there are more than 24'000 tickets, and then it shows "There are no tickets in this view". And it is caused by this huge amount of tickets, and the system can not proceed with it or takes a lot of time to load all tickets.

    Another solution would be, to allow to make a ticket filter in profile ticket view, to shows by default only, for example, last 6 month tickets, not a full load of all tickets.

  • Rich Shupe

    Editing tags... there are many reasons.

    I can't speak definitively yet, because we're still evaluating the replacement software we'll be moving to, but I'm not sure if many/any others have this limitation. JIRA doesn't, for example, which I mention simply because we use that internally.

  • Justyna Pultowicz

    Here also requested:

    I put in another usecase to why this is a feature needed. I can go out of my way to make what I want work, but it feels like there should be an easier way of doing this...

  • Scott T

    There are multiple threads related to the inability to edit closed tickets and I've read most, if not all of them. One thing I have not found is the reason why this change hasn't been implemented. Many of the justifications provided by customers are deal-breakers. There are many things I like about Zendesk but, based on this shortcoming alone, I would not recommend it.

    My guess is that closed tickets are set to read-only in the database for performance reasons. Is my guess correct or is there something else?

  • Nazir Kabbani

    Workaround? create a automation the opens then solves tickets every 20 days so they never stay solved for 28 days until the cut off of your choosing (repeat 20 days automation many times?)

  • Nadeem Taj

    i honestly dont know why these simple requests that are so easy to implement are ignored, year after year, after year. Everyone of your customers are saying the same thing.

    Simple workaround, use another platform apart from Zendesk. I'm finding it difficult to justify the expense on a "less than adequate" platform.

  • Dawie Otto

    It would be super helpful to have this feature.

    We add billing references to our tickets and sometimes we can only generate the invoice once the job is completed and signed off by the client.

    By then the ticket is already closed and we are unable to add the billing reference.

    Leaving the tickets in a Solved status for a longer period is not an option.


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