Google Analytics and your help center - Part 1: Asking the right questions

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  • Julie Foster

    In the document you refer to Zendesk Benchmark Report Do you have a more recent version?  The one attached to this document is 2013.

    Many Thanks

  • SATORI株式会社 上野

    I have a question.
    Someone asked the same question about 1 before, but it doesn't help, so I'll ask it again.

    1. Could you please tell me how to find the "total number of unique requesters in the ticket"?
    2. Regarding the status of the requester, please tell me the type of stator and the timing when the status changes.

  • Sabra
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey @...! To find the "Total number of unique requesters in tickets", you can create a query in Explore by using the metric D_COUNT(End-users) filtering with Ticket created - Date (excluding NULL values). 

    As for your second question, what do you mean by "status of the requester"?


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