Is it possible to get usage data on macros, triggers, and automations?

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  • Kirill Akimov

    Hi all!

    Does zendesk dev team have plans for adding business rules analysis (triggers, automations ...) to Explore?  

  • Nick Totarella

    This would be useful

  • Andrei Kamarouski
    Community Moderator
    The Wise One - 2021

    Hi all, 
    Take a look at the advanced Macros Reporting app to get a powerful macro usage analytics tool. 

  • Liam Kelly

    So no way to see what tickets caused what triggers to fire? It would make troubleshooting a whole lot easier. 

  • Viktor Osetrov
    Hello James,

    Agree with you. It will be handy to see what tickets caused what triggers to fire. Unfortunately, the "Triggers" tab doesn't provide information about that.  
    As a technical alternative, I would like to recommend for you the following workarounds:

    - Viewing all events for ticket updates. However, using this method you can check tickets only step-by-step.

    - Adding special tags for each trigger into action fields and analysing a special list of what triggers to fire via "Tags" tab

    Hope it helps

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