Which time zone does Zendesk Explore use?

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  • François Spinnael

    The default dashboard which one is it using ?

    Because I have different values between the default dashboard & new dashboard... (everything was verified, filters) and the only difference value I see is the switch between UTC  to Brussels zone.

    I suppose it doest the same for time filtering? But in time filtering I can't adapt the SQL.

    Meaning I have a difference between the default dashboard & created dashboard, for the same filters...

  • AJ

    Related to this question:

    Why is it that my report for call logs is still showing stats based on Philippine Time when I already updated my device and the Time Zone under Accounts>Localization to EST? 

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi AJ,
    Explore uses the timezone selected in the user's profile. You can check your profile page in Support and make sure that the Timezone is also set to EST.

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