How can the follow-up tickets retain the ticket assignee?

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  • Brandon Martus

    Do you have to create this set of triggers for each agent? 

    Or is there a way to dynamically add/remove a tag that I am missing?

  • Dave Dyson
    HI Brandon,
    Welcome to the community! Unfortunately, you'd have to do this separately for each agent.
  • Andrew J
    Community Moderator

    Hello Brandon, you may be able to do part of this using (our) Agent Activity Tags app.  This will add tags for every agent updating the ticket, and you would need modify this behaviour by perhaps removing all agent tags when the ticket is reassigned or something.  Might help - just an idea.

  • Adam Glover

    Hi Zendesk Team,

    Are there any plans to implement assignee retention on follow up tickets in 2022? For companies of scale who pass tickets between agents frequently, setting up tags and nullifiers for each individual agent seems unnecessarily inefficient.


  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Adam –
    No plans that I'm aware of, but this product feedback thread is the best place to follow when we do have information: Preserve Group and Assignee for user-generated follow-up tickets
  • There should be a more straightforward and seamless solution to a basic problem. Having to tag a ticket with the original agent's name seems a little silly.

  • Walter

    Currently, it seems like the best way to go about this is to create a webhook to update the ticket.

  • Pablo Zarricueta

    How can i assign to the same group ? every time i tried this it changes to any other group that my agents are into

  • Christine
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Pablo,

    If your agents are assigned to multiple groups, unfortunately, at this time there's no native Trigger action that would allow retaining the same group in follow-up tickets. However, I found a suggestion posted by another user on this thread that you can utilize for now. 

    Follow-up tickets inherit tags. We can use this to assign them to the group the original ticket was assigned to. For this, I add a unique tag per group on every ticket created.


    Assignment trigger:

    1. Ticket is created, assign to group1
    2. Add tag tag_group1


    Remove tag trigger:

    If the ticket is updated and assigned to a different group (e.g., group2), remove tag_group1, add a new tag of the newly assigned group (e.g., tag_group2). This helps avoid assigning a follow-up ticket to the wrong group.


    Follow-up group assignment trigger:




    Actions: Assign to the group. 

    I highly suggest that you also upvote this feature request and leave a comment on the thread with your use case. Although it's been a while since this post was created, our Product Managers continue to monitor our feedback threads, and conversations with high user engagement ultimately get flagged by the team for roadmap planning. 

    Thank you.
  • Jamie Noell
    Zendesk Luminary

    My workaround to this issue with Zendesk is that I created 2 hidden fields:

    • Saved Group
    • Saved Assignee

    Then, I used a webhook with JSON to auto-set these two fields with the group id and assignee user id to these fields, and then when a follow-up is created, I have a single trigger that sets the follow-up ticket's group and assignee to these saved values in the hidden fields.

  • Jamie Noell
    Zendesk Luminary

    I reported an issue back in June that when a requester replies via email to a closed ticket, the follow-up ticket loses the HTML formatting, so the text is all "jumbled" together - no paragraph separations.  If you click "View original email," the email itself is fine.  The agent acknowledged this as a known issue.  I have now raised a new ticket on behalf of a second organization with this same issue.  

    I checked in with the agent a few times over the last 4 months, and there is no update.  Could you please share the timeline for resolving this issue?  

    Our workarounds:

    • Click View the original email - to read the message, but notifications with the ticket comment history sent when agent replies include the "jumbled" text that the client had sent.  This does not look very professional.
    • Delay auto-closing the tickets, but this has reporting ramifications.

    I hope someone will have an update to share.

  • Christine
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Jamie,
    We updated the ticket you raised with our support team related to this issue. Kindly check your email for more information. Thanks!
  • Allen Lai | Head of CX at

    As a workaround, I used Zapier to reassign the ticket back to the last assignee based on a tag. Here's a Zapier template that you can reference:

    The logic works as follows:

    1. Zapier sees that a new ticket is created based on a previously closed ticket.
    2. [Filter] Only continue if the ticket contains a tag of "reassign_orig_assignee".
    3. Find the original ticket.
    4. Update the new ticket with the last assignee, last group, and add a private comment.

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