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  • kathryn

    Is there a way to delete or edit tags? One of our agents added a bunch of "test" tags, but they do not show up in the People > Configuration > Tags page, so I'm wondering how I can access those.
    We also have one that is spelled incorrectly, so I would love to be able to edit some tags as well. 

  • Gabriel
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Kathryn,

    I hope all is well. Tags are not like ticket fields, for example, where, when you change the ticket field, it will update its value on the tickets. Tags are not associated with the main core source, so, you can not edit a Tag, but you can replace the ticket with the correct one. The same thing goes when deleting it. You can not "delete" the Tag, but you can remove the Tag from the ticket. You can only remove tags from tickets before they reach status closed. Once the ticket is closed you can not actually delete the TAG from the system anymore, because closed tickets can't be modified.
    I understand they may constantly appear in your index and this can be a bit frustrating when they are not in use anymore. If a tag is not used in a ticket for 60 days it will get dropped from your Zendesk Support account's indexing. So, if it isn't on any tickets and your agents do not apply it, it will eventually effectively delete itself from being suggested (but not deleted from tickets that they have been used). This also does not apply to Explore.
    You can, however, remove your tags from open tickets, following the path below:
    • Go to admin>Manage>Tags
    • Click on the tag to be removed
    • Select all tickets
    • Click 'Remove Tag X from all topics and open tickets'.

    More about this is mentioned here
    I hope this helps clarify your concerns about deleting TAGs from Zendesk.
  • Anna Hodshire

    Hi! Is there a way for an admin to make a list of tags that agents can then use? We need the tags to follow specific formats and to be harmonized across agents, which is not possible if the agents are manually adding their own tags. 

  • Nacho Santana
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Anna,
    This is not possible natively in Zendesk support interface, but Zendesk has created this app call "Tag Locker" that will help you achieve what you are looking for. This app will disable the native "Tags" field on tickets and allow your admins to configure a set of tags agents can add or remove from tickets.
  • Anna Hodshire

    Thank you Nacho! 

  • Jason Krueger


    Is it possible to make tags required? 


  • Anne Ronalter
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Jason,

    it is unfortunately not possible to make Tags required.

    As a workaround, you could create a custom drop-down field that lists all the needed Tags and make that field required to solve the ticket.

    To add a custom ticket field
    1. In Admin Center, click Objects and rules in the sidebar, then select Tickets > Fields.
    2. Click Add field.
    3. Select a field type, then enter a Display name.
    4. (Optional) Enter a Description for the custom field. This is visible to admins only.
    5. Under Permissions, select an option:
      • Agents only: Agents can view or edit the field. It appears in tickets.
      • Customers can edit: Agents and end users can view and edit the field. It appears in tickets and in the support request form in the help center.
      • Customers can view: Agents can view and edit the field, while end users can only view the field. It appears in tickets and in the request form in the help center.
    6. Select Required to solve a ticket.
    7. Under Field values add the values for your list of tags.
    8. Select Show tags to view and edit the tags generated by selecting each option.
    9. Click Save.

    Furthermore, using the Notification App or the third-party Agent Activity Tags App that allows configuring tags to be added to tickets that an agent updates could also be an option.
  • Ellie Clements


    Is there a way to add tags onto Zendesk without having to add them to a ticket? So, can I just manually add a list of tags on the system which I can then populate on a end users account as and when required?


  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Ellie,
    There's no other way to create tags in Zendesk. You will need to add the tag to at least one ticket (either in the Support UI or via API) to create a new tags. 

    I can imagine, it would be incredibly helpful to be able to import / add tags without a ticket. I would recommend you to leave Feedback in our Community. Our Teams are frequently looking through the posts in order to get ideas on future additions to the Software. The more a votes a post gets, the higher the chance that the feature will be added in the future.
  • Siobhan Robson

    Is there a way to export the list of tags, straight up in a plain text list or an .xlsx file or csv or something?

    I can find the list of tags in our admin centre, that's fine, but they're split over multiple pages but I'd really like to have a way that I can see them all at once, filter and sort them so I can do admin and bookkeeping for them.

  • Noly Maron Unson
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Siobhan,

    You should be able to pull a list of the 20,000 most popular tags in the last 60 days using the List Tags API endpoint.

    Hope this helps.

  • Queeneth Ewona

    I'm new to Zendesk and this whole thing about tags is very confusing to me.

    I don't really understand what's the use of using tags, how to use tags and the benefits of using tags

    Please can someone explain this to me in a simpler terms if possible with examples.




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