Understanding tags and ticket fields

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  • Madeline K.

    We have a field with values that do not match up with the corresponding tag. At some point, our team updated the field values without reviewing tags, so there are mismatches between the two. This is making our reports on this field confusing because the tags are completely different than the field values.

    What I am wondering is how we should go about making the update to our tags so they align with the field value. My understanding from this article is that we will lose the historical data if we simply update the tags to better align with the field value. Is this accurate? Is there any way to keep the historical data based on the field value itself? 

  • Giuseppe
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Madeline,

    If you're using Explore, you can create a report solely based on the ticket field value, regardless of the tag that it's associated with. Assuming that the correct values were still selected in your tickets (even if if they were associated to an incorrect tag), they should still show in Explore. Here's an article about this - Reporting with custom fields. In other words, as long as the correct value in the ticket field is being selected in your tickets, then Explore should reflect these values.

    I understand you're planning on correcting the tag associated with the ticket field, however, you are correct in saying that this could further skew your data, especially for your already closed tickets. Changing the title/value of the field to align with the tags will change the values shown in the ticket and in the Explore data I showed above. On the other hand, moving the tags around for dropdown fields will also cause data to be changed as well (i.e. the actual ticket field values will change depending on the tag).

    If you plan to do this, I recommend reviewing this article first to emphasize its impact - Understanding how creating, deactivating, or deleting ticket fields impacts tickets


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