Can my customers give a satisfaction rating through Zendesk Talk?

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    I have a trigger setup to text a sat survey to all callers. However, if customer is using a landline, the text fails. Consequentially, the ticket cannot be solved. Any solution to this?

  • Mike

    We have set up another trigger to solve such failed requests by selecting the following conditions. 

  • Daniël & Michael Rieder can you make screenshots ( and place those ) of the triggers / automation you've made for this?

    I'm currently looking into adding a satisfaction survey to Zendesk Talk and would like to know you're approach, thanks in advance!

  • Michelle Gottardi

    Hi, Yes I would like a screenshot of the trigger as well. As I am also trying to add satisfaction survey to Zendesk Talk.

  • Mike

    Hi @Daniel & Michelle Gottardi

    Here is the link to the description:

    However, depending on the regulations in your country, it is important to include the SMS number of you in the official directories.

  • Peter P

    does anyone know if there is an update to this? or where I could place the request for this feature?

    thanks !

    the survey is great for emails but would love to have a simple way to do it for calls

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey Pedro,

    I would recommend sharing this feedback in our Feedback - Voice (Talk) topic since our Talk product managers are actively monitoring for user suggestions in that location.
    Hope this helps!

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