About CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) ratings in Zendesk Support

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  • Maria Dailey

    @... Yes, that's exactly what I'm thinking. Zendesk should strongly consider this feedback.

  • Yaniv Dayan

    Hi @... - Maybe it's time that Zendesk will change the terminology of Good/Bad. I'm Satisfied/unsatisfied is enough. No one gives bad support, but sometimes the answer is not enough. For example, you gave a good answer, but it is not enough, as you could add it to your wish list or forward it up to your managers.

    @..., what do you think? (Don't count on it, it is almost impossible to convince Zendesk to change something for their clients...) 

    You can customize the good/bad text on the SAT that is sent to the clients with happy/sad icons so at least your clients won't feel bad to give 'bad' feedback. 

  • Test

    Is it possible to set up CSAT ratings in a 5 point Likert Scale?

  • Nikki

    I'm pretty sure this is false:

    If you send a satisfaction survey before the ticket is solved, end users need to sign in to access it.

    The trick is to add an action to set "satisfaction" to "offered" in the same trigger/automation when you request the survey. Then, they're allowed to respond to the survey without signing in.

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Monika,
    Generally, CSAT surveys are sent via Automation, a number of hours after the ticket's status has been set to Solved. The conditions for when the surveys are sent are configurable by you, but by default it's set to roughly 24 hours after the ticket has been solved. From that point until the ticket's status is set to Closed, the requester can respond to the survey, or if allowed by your account configuration, log in to your help center, and set the CSAT rating in their ticket directly (in the My Activities section of the help center). By default, Solved tickets are set to Closed status 4 days after the ticket was solved, but that is also configurable -- see Why do solved tickets change to a closed status?
  • Yaniv Dayan

    Hi @... and @...,

    After reporting it to ZD, I got an answer from @...:

    The rating is only applied after around 15-45 minutes after the link has been clicked. This is by design and is intended to allow users time to enter a comment and save the page if they want to. The reasoning behind this is because if the rating were applied immediately, when the user submitted first clicked the link, and then proceeded to enter a comment and click "update", then there would actually be 2 rating events which could cause issues with things like reporting.

    I can confirm that after waiting about an hour, the ticket was updated with the 1st click from the email.


  • Yaniv Dayan

    Hi @... and @... - I think that the reason why your client does not send CSAT - is because of a bug in Zendesk CSAT. Or actually, they do send CSAT, but Zendesk does not save it to the ticket.


    After spending a few hours on that, and trying several different trigger combinations that actually saying the same, I made a test to discovers a bug on ZD side: The client receives the CSAT mail with the two links. When he clicks on good/bad a page is opened that says that his rating was saved with a button Update, which gives the impression that he already selected, and now he can update his selection. But in-fact, only after he click Update, his selection is saved (and not by clicking on the email link!)

    This is very confusing as the button say Update and not OK (and then changed to Update):

    This trigger proves it:


    This trigger was triggered 39 times. Then, a CSAT was sent to the client:


    When he clicks on the Good link, he gets the page bellow, but the trigger was not fired (still 39 times) and the ticket was not changed with the new rating:


    on ZD side, the ticket has no rating:


    Only after the user click Update (without changing his rating) – the trigger is fired (changed to 40 times), and the ticket is updated with the rating:


    If the user clicks Update again without changing anything, the trigger is not fired again.

    This proves that the client thinks that the rating was saved for the 1st time, but actually, it was not saved.


    Dave, what do you think? This looks like a critical bug.

  • Hannah Ehrlich


    Often times our users submit multiple tickets and we just close the duplicates. I don't want to send CSAT requests/conversations to the closed duplicates - I only want them to get one CSAT request. Is there a way to change the Send CSAT survey in relation to ONLY tickets one of my agents has responded to? Would it be to set it to only send it to "Assignee: one of our agents," and never a requester?


  • RichL

    Yaniv Dayan -- Thank you for your comments above surfacing and then explaining the delay between when End user rates the ticket and when the rating appears on the ticket from the Agent UI.

    While I understand the rationale for why it works like this (as described above) I don't think this should have to be the way it works. Why would two rating events on the same ticket cause a problem with reporting? It is in fact two separate events: The user submits their rating and then the user submits a comment.

    Seems like it should have always been recorded as two separate events but since it wasn't now it can't be changed.

    I don't think it's a good practice to have the user submit something on a ticket and not have that reflected as an event immediately. There are use cases for triggering an event immediately upon the survey being responded to (which are admittedly edge cases) but still this I think is a dangerous idea as Zendesk system and admin should know a change was submitted as soon as it was submitted to inform triggers that might need to be executed in real time and not 15-45 minutes after the user completes some action. Just my two cents!

  • Fadzilla Ersalle

    Hi RichL

    With reference to the first question that Anuj Singh asked you on CSAT reminders, how do we configure the CSAT settings such at only those who have not rated gets the reminder survey? This is to avoid duplicates as customers who have rated us the first time may rate us again the second time when they get the reminder.



  • Cory Brown

    @... Hmm this might be complicated, but what if you had some trigger sequence like:

    • When a ticket is solved that doesn't includes any 1-12 tags, add the tag "1"
    • When a ticket is solved that includes the tag "1", add the tag "2", remove the tag "1", send satisfaction survey
    • When a ticket is solved that includes the tag "2", add the tag "3", remove the tag "2"
    • And so on...
    • When a ticket is solved that includes the tag "12", remove the tag "12", send satisfaction survey



  • Camilo Gomez

    Some of my customers are reporting that when trying to leave a satisfaction rating from a mobile phone email reply they are receiving error messages. Are you aware of any limitations using the standard placeholders, {{satisfaction.rating_section}}, with mobile platforms?

  • Chris Hobbs

    Rebecca Che - yes that is possible and easy to do with a Trigger.
    We have implemented that and it is quite useful.

    Although the Bad CSAT's we have received are normally due to the Feedback email being quite sensitive (so if a user is checking it on the mobile phone) they may accidently select Bad and not even realize it.

    Go to your Trigger View in Admin Console.
    Define Meets Any of these Conditions

    Satisfaction "is" Bad
    Satisfaction "is" Bad with Comments.

    Then just add the action to e-mail the Team Lead and there you can define the  email subject and body.

  • Lee Ryall

    Hi Wheel Pros, LLC,

    Thanks for looking into that, I have tried this option and it seems to be the best option available.


  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Paul,
    This may be of some help: Are CSAT surveys multi-lingual?
  • RichL

    Hey Anuj Singh!

    There are many ways to set this up and ultimately how you do it would depend on how/when you want to send the initial CSAT survey and reminder.

    An example of how you could do this:

    1. Create an automation to send the initial CSAT survey 2 days after ticket is solved
    2. Create a second automation to send the CSAT survey reminder 4 days after ticket is solved if a CSAT rating has not been provided by end-user for that ticket

    Example automations:

    Request CSAT from Customer automation

    Conditions -- All

    • Ticket: Status IS Solved
    • Ticket: Hours since solved (calendar) Is 48
    • Ticket: Satisfaction IS Unoffered

    Actions --

    • Notifications: Email user = (requester)
    • Email subject = <Whatever you want>
    • Email body = <Whatever you want>
    • Ticket: Satisfaction = offered to requester

    CSAT Reminder automation

    Conditions -- All

    • Ticket: Status IS Solved
    • Ticket: Hours since solved (calendar) Is 96
    • Ticket: Satisfaction IS Offered
    • Ticket: Tags contains none of the following csat-reminder-sent

    Actions --

    • Notifications: Email user = (requester)
    • Email subject = <Whatever you want -- can be different than first time>
    • Email body = <Whatever you want -- can be different than first time>
    • Ticket: Add tags = csat-reminder-sent

    The above setup should do the trick. You can of course add additional conditions to not send CSAT survey for certain tickets based on whatever makes sense for your situation.

    The initial and reminder CSAT automations would both only run once with the above configuration. Once the Satisfaction is offered in the first automation it would never get set back to unoffered so that would only be able to activate once. And the second automation adds a tag which would prevent the CSAT reminder email from being sent a second time if the ticket were to be re-opened and then solved a second time after the CSAT reminder email was sent.

    You could configure these automations differently if you want to re-send the initial CSAT email and/or reminder email. To re-send the reminder email upon re-solve you would just need to eliminate the tag condition and action from the reminder automation above. To re-send the initial CSAT survey upon re-solve you would need to also add a trigger which sets the Ticket: Satisfaction back to blank/null when Ticket: Status Changed from Solved and Ticket: Status Is Open and Current User Is (end-user)

    That's a pretty detailed explanation but I may have missed something so I would suggest, like with any similar change, test and monitor the functionality once implemented. Other triggers or automations your Zendesk may have could introduce wrinkles that I can't account for or I may have just missed somethings as I think through this here. Good luck!

  • Wheel Pros, LLC

    Lee Ryall


    No problem at all. I did a lot of digging on NPS and stumbled upon the missing functionality that you're looking for as well. Glad I could help. Not sponsored by SimpleSAT or anything, just sharing my experiences when shopping around from something that would integrate well with ZD with an easy to swallow price tag.

  • Gowtham

    Hi Everyone, 

    Is it possible to create the Rating via the api's using the agent's basic authentication for user tickets?


    I'm getting "Forbidden" error when calling the below api

    curl --location 'https://<sub-domain>.zendesk.com/api/v2/tickets/<ticketID>/satisfaction_rating' \

    --header 'Accept: application/json' \

    --header 'Authorization: Basic <token>' \

    --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \

    --header 'Cookie: __cfruid=95f538500cb73c43f29c823bc2842a764b739c8e-1687772542; _zendesk_cookie=BAhJIhl7ImRldmljZV90b2tlbnMiOnt9fQY6BkVU--459ed01949a36415c1716b5711271c3d08918307' \

    --data '{"satisfaction_rating": {"score": "good", "comment": "Awesome support."}}'


      "error": {
        "title": "Forbidden",
        "message": "You do not have access to this page. Please contact the account owner of this help desk for further help."


  • Gowtham

    I have tried the api via postman only and also on curl. will there be any issue with the enduser authentication? do we have any setting to enable for api access for the enduser in admin panel? Let me know if you req. the curl req. that i was trying. will share it via private mail. please feel free to drop a mail to "gowtham.s1@betterplace.co.in"


  • Ronald Richter

    How do I publish the csat general score across the company or embed it on a web page? I believe I saw an option that requires at least 100 responses in order to do it but I cannot find it anymore.


  • Kenneth Morris

    Hello ZD

    Can you see if there is a way to offer a 'value' to customer to click of what made them happy/select Good for CSAT?
    Trying to see if we can measure that as well on a ticket. Hopeful to do something quick and simple like what we do with bad satisfaction ticket reasons.

  • Audrey Ann Cipriano
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Natalia Numa welcome to our Community! :)  

    You can definitely send your survey in Spanish by setting up translations in your account and use the dynamic content placeholder in your CSAT automation. 

    You may find more info and instructions to set it up here: 

    Creating dynamic content items

    Multi lingual CSAT survey

    I hope this helps! :)

  • Lee Ryall

    Appreciate it Wheel Pros, LLC

  • Stella Park

    If a ticket is merged with another open ticket, does that merged ticket send a satisfaction email? If so, is there a way to prevent that from happening?

  • Darrell Martin

    I so nor see this option under my reports. Has it moved?

  • Kelly Rica


    Is there a way to see the "comments" beyond seven days? We would like to chart the comments to help our CS dept. Currently, we see "with comment" for seven days and cannot go back a few months or month by month. Is there a way to set this up? We have the Suite Growth Plan, thanks!

  • John Espina
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Rachel,

    In regards to your concern, there are some workarounds that you can perform to try re-evaluating the CSAT score of the customer.

    Here are some article links that you can refer to: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/203457806.

    Also, there's a community article that you can check: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/205873008-Reset-satisfaction-rating-to-allow-a-resend-after-improvement-of-situation

    I hope this information helps.

    John Espina | Customer Advocate

  • Chandler B

    How do I fix survey links that aren't working?

    Clicking on the survey links in the email renders a denial error HTTP 403 access denied. 

    The email links appear in the body of the email from this code in the automation: {{satisfaction.rating_section}}

    Code appears correct, but the links aren't working. 

  • Yaniv Dayan

    Hi Guys,

    Since we normally not working in front of the end-user but with one level above, 90% of the support questions come from a relatively small group of users. We don't want to overload this group with CSAT, and also do not wish to send CSAT to casual clients. 

    What we are looking for is a trigger/automation that sends CSAT every 10 solved tickets, but starts counting after the 2nd ticket (so eventually a client will get CSAT on his 2nd ticket, 12th ticket, 22nd, and so on)

    Any idea how we can implement it?


  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    Zendesk do not provide a 5 point CSAT rating. You would need a third part app for that. Sorry.


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