Viewing your CSAT (customer satisfaction) score and ratings

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  • Temiloluwa Paul

    Hi Jennifer,

    I have question regarding the satisfaction tab.

    How can I get the individual CSAT ratings for my agents from this tab? The Tab only shows the CSAT for the entire team. Is there a way I can break this down to individual CSAT scores?

    Thank you!

  • Denise


    Where can I see the actual reviews? I am especially interested in an overview of all reviews we have got over Zendesk. The only option I have found, is to manually open every ticket and see if the customer has left a review. 

    Is there a other way for this?

    Many thanks in advance!

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey Denise,
    You'll need to navigate to Explore to see your overall CSAT score as mentioned in the above article. 
    Once you select explore int he Product Tray towards the top right of your agent interface, you can then select the Satisfaction tab which will show you the information you're looking for.
    Let me know if you don't see this option on your end.

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