How can I remove attachments from tickets?

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  • Moniek van der Geer


    I wanted to check in on this, since the last update was 1 year ago already... Will this be updated any time soon? All links to product requests lead me to a page I'm not authorized to view, so I hope you can give some advice on this. 

    To speak with Maring Eberlein's words: We too are a company that really needs the ability to remove confidential attachments without fully deleting a ticket.

    Thanks in advance

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Moniek –

    Just to clarify, you're wanting the ability to delete attachments from Closed tickets? (Because the Ticket Redaction app does allow you to delete attachments from tickets that are not yet Closed.)

    Product feedback posts that don't get a lot of traction from other users are often archived, so if this is what you want, I'd strongly recommend you create a new post in our Feedback on Support topic, using the template example to format your feedback so we can understand as much about your use case as possible. For example, it would be useful to understand the conditions under which you need to delete an attachment once the ticket has been Closed. Then other users can upvote and add their own use cases as comments there.

    By default, Zendesk includes an Automation that closes Solved tickets 4 days after they've been solved. However, that timeframe can be customized to be as long as 28 days after the ticket has been solved, at which point built-in system rules take over and close the Solved ticket. So if your use case is that you're finding the need to delete tickets up to a few weeks after a ticket has been solved, adjusting or disabling that automation might be helpful. For more information, see About the Support default automations and Can I stop a ticket from closing after 28 days?


  • Trae McConniel


    This is still an issue for us in Health Care and creating a new post, instead of using the one that has 49 comments over years of requesting a feature, just allows for the new post to be hidden further to let Zendesk kick the can down the road as they have done and as you will likely do as well.

    Ticket redaction app does not help if the ticket is closed so its a moot point to bring up. We cant delete whole ticket as we need a record of the interaction, but if a requester, CC, or third party adds an attachment that should not be attached (HIPAA, PII, or PHI), we need to separate the attachment from the ticket and purge it from the system. 

    If that cant be done, I believe there would need to be a white paper on how the data that Zendesk has on closed tickets is stored and secured. Is it encrypted at rest, is it isolated by customer or in a blob, and who has access to the files?

  • Tom Stallvik

    Yes, this missing feature is still a major problem!

  • Moniek van der Geer

    @..., yes, I want to be able to remove attachments from tickets, but not within 28 days. Preferably we would delete them after 5-6 months.

    Totally agree with @... on this one! Why make a new post if this is already filled with customers requesting this feature..

    And if the feature will not be made, we will need an extensive description on how that content is managed, to be able to comply with all Data Protection Laws. 

    Hope to hear soon!

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    HI @..., @... and @... –

    Thanks again for all your feedback. Some good news, it turns out we did recently release the capability to redact many types of content, including attachments (aside from SunCo attachments) and other content in archived or closed tickets for email, API, and webform channels, with some caveats. However, this functionality is only available when you have Agent Workspace enabled: see Redacting ticket content in the Zendesk Agent Workspace. I'm sorry I missed this in my previous response.

    As it doesn't appear any of the three of you have Agent Workspace enabled currently, here are some resources for learning about it, including how to enable it, and important considerations to be aware of before you do, see About the Zendesk Agent Workspace, Resources for migrating to the Zendesk Agent Workspace, and Limitations in the Zendesk Agent Workspace.

  • Moniek van der Geer

    Thank you Dave! Will look into this to see if this is a solution for us :) 

  • Anil Ganti


    Is there a way to redact attachments of a Zendesk ticket by leveraging liquid scripting in a trigger? We have large number of attachments which should be redacted before the ticket status moves to "Closed" state.


    We are aware that manual redaction of the content/attachments from tickets is possible using Zendesk redaction app. However, because of the volume of the attachments that are to be redacted, we are looking for an automated redaction process which can be either by using triggers, macros, other scripting techniques. Any information or a direction to solve this issue is much appreciated. 





  • Lester Madden



    We had a similar issue.  What we did is write some jscript and run it as a cron job every night.  The script looks for relevant tickets and if they meet our critera, then we redact the attachments.

    It’s been a while, something like


    • Search for tickets
    • Look for the attachment ID and redatact it.

    PUT /api/v2/tickets/{ticket_id}/comments/{comment_id}/attachments/{attachment_id}/redact

    We didn’t do anything fancy and took the brut force approach of redacting any image we found for qualifying tickets. 


    Dunno if that helps.


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