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  • Erica M (staff)

    If Google Chrome provides the best performance when running Zendesk, would it be recommended to use a Chromebook to use Zendesk? 

    It does make sure your computer meets or exceeds the minimum hardware requirements for your operating system (Windows or macOS), but what about ChromeOS?

  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Erica,
    Zendesk's software has been tested and guaranteed to run on the browsers and OS platforms referenced in this article. Chromebooks run a Linux-based version of Chromium as compared to Chrome which was built for standard PC/Mac OS platforms. We can confidently say that Zendesk will work in Chromium on ChromeOS, but technically it is not a supported platform.
    I hope this answers your inquiry. Thank you!
  • Elearning Media

    Apart from Windows and macOS, does Zendesk work with Linux too?

  • Anne Ronalter
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello José,

    Zendesk is, in general, compatible with web browsers running on MacOS and Windows. 
    There are also cases where Zendesk may work with Linux, but this would be something that we have not tested from our side.

    It may work for you, but we would not be able to provide precise documentation or limitations about it.
  • Kat

    Is there any requirements listed for Messaging and Sunshine SDK? I have a problem with an end-user (who's a  customer for our business) accessing the list of their chats in-app on the home wifi, whereas it works okay on public networks, which makes me think there must be something blocked on their router/firewall setting. The above SDK requirements are fulfilled by the customer. 

    I have contacted Zendesk Support, but not helpful so far.


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