Why do calls show as abandoned in voicemail when voicemail is switched off?

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  • yanko.chakarov

    Hi Jessica,

    What if the end-user listens to the whole Greeting (Voicemail off) message? What will be the status?

    It does not make sense to be marked as "Completed" if there is no connection with an agent, not connection to voicemail. Is it marked as "Abandoned" then?

  • Dekbi
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Yanko,
    Good day!
    For the calls that the end-user listens to the whole Greeting (Voicemail off), it will not be marked as "Completed" as the call was not routed to any agent. It will be marked as "Non-answered".
    You may refer to this article for further information: What is a non-answered call?
    Have a great day!

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